D67 Parent Organizations

Association of Parents and Teachers (APT)

The core mission of the District 67 Association of Parents and Teachers (APT) is to promote good communication and cooperative working relationships among the community, school and home. The group works to enrich the educational experience of all District 67 students through a myriad of wonderful school-based programs that are implemented by dedicated parent volunteers and financed largely by dues-paying APT member families.

Please note that APT membership is different from donating to the Spirit of 67 Foundation. The Spirit of 67 Foundation is the fundraising arm for District 67 and works alongside the APT to help fund enrichment opportunities for the children, teachers and parents.

The Spirit of 67 Foundation - benefiting every student in every school, every day!

The Spirit of 67 Foundation is a not-for-profit, parent-run volunteer organization whose mission is to raise funds and acquire resources to enrich and elevate the educational and cultural experiences of students, faculty, parents and staff of District 67 in ways that might not otherwise be provided.

Established over 30 years ago, the Spirit has contributed over $4.3 million in grants to provide curricular enhancements, resources & tools that support excellence in our public schools.