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    A promise to be loyal and an attitude to work hard to support the District 67 APT

    Current APT Members

    Please click on the link below for a list of current District 67 members for the 2016-17 school year.

    Current APT Members

    If you have any questions, please contact us at lfapt67@gmail.com. For information on joining the APT please click here.



    The Lake Forest District 67 Association of Parents and Teachers (APT) is excited about the myriad of wonderful school based programs and volunteer opportunities planned for this year throughout our District schools. Our valuable programs and special events enhance the educational experience of all District 67 students and cannot exist without the generosity of our APT member families.

    The core mission of the APT is to promote good communication and cooperative working relationships among the community, school and home. We work to enhance the educational experience through school-based programs, organized and implemented by parent volunteers. These programs are predominantly funded by APT dues. District 67 schools include Cherokee, Everett, and Sheridan elementary schools, as well as Deer Path Middle School.


    Our membership fee is $35 per family, and includes one print copy of the APT sponsored Student Directory that provides class lists, names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of District 67 students and parents who choose to have their information published. Additional directories can be purchased for $5 each. Membership also includes password-protected access to our online directory.

    If you did not purchase an APT membership when you registered your student(s) with the district its not too late!  If you are not sure of your membership status please see the 2015-16 APT Membership listed by clicking the button “Current APT Members” on the left sidebar.

    New families who were not included in our 2015-16 Student Directory can create their family account and join the APT at www.lfapt67.org.

    Current District 67 families can purchase memberships and update their family information using the link emailed to them from during the summer. Please email us if you did not receive it.

    Membership can also be purchased on the District 67 Web Store starting mid-September by using the “District 67 Web Store” button found on each school's home page.

    If you prefer to pay by check please make it payable to District 67 Executive APT and mail it to Tara Janos, 674 Buena Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045.


    You are always welcome, but not required, to become more involved at any time. Your directory, weekly school newsletter, school website and District website all provide information about meetings and volunteer opportunities. All APT meetings are open and are a great place to learn about the volunteer opportunities in your child’s school and across the district. In the end our success depends on the enthusiastic support and involvement of District 67 parents. Please feel free to contact me, or your school’s APT President by using the contact us tab above, should you have any questions.


    Julie Pasinato
    Executive Board President

    District 67 Association of Parents and Teachers

    Please note that APT membership is different from donating to the Spirit of 67 Foundation. The Spirit of 67 Foundation is the fundraising arm for District 67 and works alongside the APT to help fund enrichment opportunities for the children, teachers and parents.

    Our Programs - What does the APT do?

    Art Fair

    Art Fair co-chairs work together to organize and display art work submitted by students for judges to view. 

    Board of Education

    A member of the Board of Education serves as a Liaison between the APT Executive Board and Board of Education. Other Board of Education members are assigned to work as Liaisons at the individual building level. APT Board members act as liaisons between the APT and Board of Education. They attend Board of Education Meetings and report back to the APT as well as attending quarterly meetings with District Superintendent, Mike Simeck.

    Celebration Book Club, Publishing

    Board Members work with Media Center staff and professional staff to inform parents of opportunities to purchase books for the media center in honor of an individual or event. Publishing works to publish the written work of the children to share with their families.


    Board Members develop, create and distribute information in the form of District update mailings and individual school newsletters. Responsibilities also include maintaining the APT website.

    Community Service, Events, Outreach 

    Members work with teachers to implement the curriculum goals of Community Service for each grade level.

    CROYA, Lake Forest High School APT

Board Members attend select CROYA and Lake Forest High School meetings and communicate relevant information to various APT Boards.

    Directory, Membership

    Board Members work to register family members of the APT on an annual basis and create individual school Student Directories. Membership responsibilities also include the Farewell gathering for families leaving District 67.

    Education, Legislation

    Board Members attend and report pertinent information from the bimonthly School Board meetings and meet with the Superintendent of Schools during the year.

    Effort, BRAVO!, B.E.S.T.

    Board Members serve in a variety of capacities to assist the professional staff and students to work to establish and implement goals of respect, responsibility and leadership and to enhance the culture and climate of the schools.

    Emotional Wellness 

    Representatives work with the District emotional wellness committee to support and implement emotional wellness programs for each building. 

    Fine Arts, Visiting Author, Art Appreciation

Board Members work to arrange for presentations at all buildings of Fine Arts performances and presentations by Visiting Authors. Art Appreciation instruction is coordinated with teachers and provided by volunteers at some of the individual buildings.

    Food Service

    APT Representatives attend Food Service meetings and communicate vital information to families and share feedback with the food service personnel. Additionally, the Representative may provide programs in cooperation with Health instruction or other programs throughout the year.

    Kindergarten Coordinator

    APT Representative communicates APT- related information to parents of Kindergartners during the summer, plans play date for Kindergartners prior to beginning of school and assists Kindergartners from buses to playground in the morning during the first week of school.

    Parent Awareness

    Board Members attend LEAD meetings and communicate to APT about programs in the community involving parental issues and plan parent education programs at the individual schools. Members also work to promote and plan Parent University on an annual basis.  Resources are available through the District website.

    Recreation Center, Open Lands

Board Members act as Liaison to the Recreation Center and Open Lands organizations regarding educational programming and activities of school-aged children. They communicate information relating to community issues to the APT Boards.

    Room Parents, Resources

    Board Members work to assign individual room parents to each teacher at each building to assist teachers in planning, communicating, coordinating, and acting as a resource for special events requiring volunteer assistance or participation.

    School Store

    Board Members coordinate individual school stores throughout the school year and provide select school items and clothing. Volunteers coordinate staffing with assistance from students.

/School Supplies

    Prior to the start of school in the Fall, APT Board Members coordinate the process of ordering & delivery of pre-ordered student school supplies and materials. Lists are determined by teaching staff for individual grade levels.

    Social Activities, Special Events, Volunteers

Board Members coordinate volunteers for variety of services, special events, and social gatherings on behalf of students, families, and staff. This includes refreshments at APT Gatherings, planning Grade Level Socials, Field Day, Bike Rodeo, Bus Chaperones in the Fall, School Picnics in the Fall or End of the Year, Science and Art Shows, Graduation Festivities for 8th graders, Halloween Parties and School Sharing Nights.

    Spirit of 67 Foundation

    Board Members serve as liaisons on the Spirit of 67 Foundation Board and report monthly to the APT Boards regarding fundraising events and grant awards. They also bring important information and feedback from the APT boards to the Spirit Foundation meetings. They help promote the Foundation at parent coffees, curriculum nights and special events. They help to coordinate volunteers for the Centerpieces of Education Luncheon, Member Appreciation Night and Home Tour.

    Spirit Wear 

    Spirit Wear coordinators organize clothing sales for each school. Clothing has the school mascot or logo. 

    Teacher Appreciation Committee

APT Representatives coordinate school-level staff appreciation events (Conference Lunches, Holiday Cookie Exchange, Curriculum Night and Family Sharing Night staff pizza dinners), also coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week activities.

    Teacher Representatives

A Teacher Member of the Executive Board represents the teacher’s professional organization. In addition, teachers serve as Liaisons at the individual building levels.

    Visiting Scientist Program

    Board Members work to arrange a science-focused assembly for grades K-2 and science workshops for 3rd and 4th graders at all elementary schools. These science events are coordinated with the science teachers to enhance the current science curriculum and are based on disciplinary core ideas and Next Generation Science Standards by the National Science Teachers’ Association (NSTA).


    Board Members help coordinate gathering of photos to chronicle the school year and organize the yearbook for publication.

    For the names of committee members at each building, please refer to the respective APT websites.

    Meet the Board

    APT Executive Board Officers

    President - Julie Pasinato
    Vice President - Umang Singh
    Treasurer - Tara Janos
    Recording Secretary - Maureen Fitzgerald
    Communications Secretary - Connie Hollingsworth

    APT Building Presidents

    Cherokee School - Julie Sakici
    Everett School - Amy Collis
    Sheridan School - Emily Savage
    Deer Path Middle School - Jennifer Karras

    APT Executive Board Committee Chairs

    Administrative Liaison - Anne Whipple
    Board of Education Representative - Jeff Folker
    Board of Education Liaison - Leslie Gleason
    Board of Education Liaison - Megan Medica
    Clothing Coordinator - Lisa Morrison
    Community Service and Events - Kristen Chun
    Community Service and Events - Kate Rother
    Directory/Membership - Jennifer Goldman
    Directory/Membership - Sophia Koliatsis
    Directory/Membership - Beth Laufenberg
    Fine Arts - Tara Eggers
    Fine Arts - Julie Sommers
    Fine Arts - Danielle Sullivan
    Fine Arts - Heidi Nickel
    Food Service - Adriana Arpino
    Kindergarten Welcome Chair - Sarah Lockhart
    LFHS Liaison - Eileen Swartout
    New District Families - Marty VanderVelde
    School Supply Liaison - Kim Gambit
    Student Parent Awareness - Alyssa Sinclair
    Student Parent Awareness - Diana Webb
    Teacher Representative - Sue Christianson
    Visiting Author - Wendy Darling
    Visiting Author - Tish Houston
    Visiting Author - TBA
    Visiting Scientist - Wiebke Droege
    Visiting Scientist - Carolyn Hutchinson
    Visiting Scientist - Monica Yuan
    Yearbook - Debbie Jensen

    (Please refer to the APT Directory for contact information)

    New Family Information - All you need to know


    The APT extends a warm welcome to all new families joining District 67! Our schools, in collaboration with the APT, provide a wonderful educational and social environment for our children. It is our pleasure to have you join us.

    The APT sponsors a whole range of events to help new families with their transition into District 67 and Lake Forest. These include New Family Coffee Mornings where you can meet APT Board members, other new parents, hear information about our schools, and ask questions. The New Family Committees at each school will arrange for your child to be “buddied” with an existing student in their homeroom to welcome them on their first day and show them around. Kindergarten Coordinators at the Elementary Schools organize summer play dates for incoming Kindergarten classes and can arrange for you to ride the bus with your Kindergartner on the first day of school to help alleviate any “first day jitters”.

    At Deerpath Middle School, incoming 5th graders new have the opportunity to participate in a WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) morning in August. This is a fun-filled morning hosted by the APT 5th Grade Welcome Committee, DPM staff and 8th graders to welcome 5th graders and help with the transition to DPM. 
    APT also organizes evening socials for parents to get to know each other.

    We encourage you to visit each school’s website for details of upcoming events throughout the year, such as Everett's Fall Family Picnic, Sheridan's Monster Bash, Cherokee's Winterfest, DPM's Talent show and much more!

    Please feel free to contact the New Family Committee members for your school(s) below. They will be happy to answer your questions and help with any concerns you may have:

    Annie Kavanagh - anniemkav7710@gmail.com
    Kate Hanson - hansonkate4@gmail.com

    Marty Vander Velde - martyvandervelde@gmail.com
    Jennifer Lazarus - jenlazarus@comcast.net
    Heidi Smith - heidistriplets@yahoo.com
    Lynn Lawler - lawlerl@me.com

    Jana Milz - jjmilz@comcast.net

    Nina Brown - n_platou@hotmail.com
    Kate Leech - kathit13@yahoo.com

    Parent Awareness - Keeping you informed

    The mission of Parent Awareness is to make District 67 parents aware of available resources to assist parents, including parent education opportunities, online resources and facilitating parent to parent events, including Jump Start on 5th Grade.

    Digital Safety - Let's Keep the Conversation Going

    In today's digital age, maintaining our children's safety has moved beyond just the physical. As a parent you know that technology changes and apps and services come and go. But the basic principles of safety, privacy and security don't change. 

    Included on this site is information on digital safety put together by our Parent Awareness team in collaboration with our school community. This is a starting point to help create awareness for our parents, and is by no means inclusive of all of the dangers and risks our children are exposed to in the digital world. 

    There are great resources online to help guide the discussions, including the Parents Guides at www.connectsafely.org and others listed below. Let’s keep the conversation going.  Please notify us of other dangers in technology that we can help make other parents aware of.

    Online Resources:

    List of Apps and Websites Parents Should be Aware of:

    • Vine and Instagram – sharing video (Vine) and photos (Instragram) 
    • Yik Yak, Whisper, Secret – apps that allow anonymous postings 
    • Chat Roulette, Chat Random, Dirty Roulette, Omegle – are popular for the dangerous combo of video sharing and location 
    • Tinder, Blendr, Grindr, Down, Skout, Swoon, Pure – online dating sites; include location sharing. 
    • Kik Messenger, WhatsApp, TextNow, Viber – allow kids to text outside of their phone (or provider's) history or records 
    • Snapchat, Wire, Wickr, Poke – messages auto self-destruct 

    Possible Dangers and Consequences for Use of Digital Technology

    Intended or Unintended Dangers from Digital Postings:

    • Encouraging dangerous activities by peers through imitation or showing off
    • Alienating peers not invited to gatherings
    • Bullying of peers 
    • Identity theft when accounts are made in the names of others 
    • Location sharing to possible predators or thieves 
    • Messages intended to “self destruct” are recorded or screenshot by others watching the video/photo

    Consequences for inappropriate use of digital technology:

    • embarrassment (of user or victim)
    • permanent scars on digital footprint
    • suspension
    • arrest
    • lawsuits
    • registration as a sex offender


    "Psst, Secrets You Share Online Aren't Always Safe"

    "New Apps Whisper and Secret Cater to a Craving to Dish Freely"

    "Trend Alert: 6 Messaging Apps that let Teen Share (Iffy) Secrets"

    "7 dangerous Apps that parents need to know about"

    "28 Internet Acronyms Every Parent Should Know."


    Google Docs

    Information on Using Google Docs - It's Not That Hard!!

    All APT Executive Board Members are encouraged to use Google Docs to submit their Monthly Reports. As well as making it easier for our Recording Secretary to keep the minutes, it helps to create a record of all aspects of our respective jobs - so important when we hand the job over to our successors!!

    Here are some tools to get you started if you are unfamiliar with how this all works:

    Videos: http://goo.gl/QWBJiq

    Written tutorials:  https://support.google.com/docs/#topic=1382883

    Once you have a gmail address, you can use the following steps to submit your monthly reports:
    1. Click this link:  http://goo.gl/GmC7PS
    2. Click File, then click Make a Copy in the drop-down box.
    3. Click Rename, then rename your report and click OK.
    4. Complete your report.
    5. Click File, then click Share.
    6. In the "Invite People" box, add the Recording Secretary's email address (casp507@gmail.com), make sure the "Notify people via email" box is checked, then click Done.

    Mission & Responsibilities

    APT Mission Statement

    The mission of the Lake Forest School District 67 Association of Parents & Teachers is to foster cooperative working relationships, to promote communication within the school community, and to enhance the education and enrichment of our children. Membership in APT supports the children, parents, and professionals (teachers, administration, and support staff).

    The APT embraces our responsibility to promote respect and inclusion for all parties as cornerstones of these relationships. Our purpose is to establish a close working relationship among the home, school, and community that all may cooperate effectively.

    We support, through organization and volunteer help, those activities that offer direct educational enrichment for our children as well as those that add to the positive culture and climate of our schools. A few of the many activities include: B.E.S.T., Celebration Book Club, Communications, Community Service & Events, Directory, Effort / BRAVO!, Fine Arts, Parent Awareness & LEAD, Room Parents & Resources, Social Activities, Special Events, and Visiting Author.

    We take responsibility to be informed about District issues. We work to communicate to our membership through various means and to keep them apprised of all matters occurring in the District.

    APT Roles and Responsibilities

    The Executive Board of the APT has responsibility to guide and direct the general plans of the APT and to work closely with the building APT representatives. The Executive Board officers include the Executive President, Executive Vice-President, one President from each individual school, the Recording Secretary, the Communications Secretary and the Treasurer. The Executive Board also includes the chairmen of all Association standing committees, a teacher representative, the Superintendent of Schools and one administrator from the individual schools.

    Standing committees implement the programs of the Executive Board. Each school is represented by an individual governing board, which is presided over by the building President who represents their individual building on the Executive Board.

    There are a variety of committee positions represented at the Executive Board and at the individual building level.

    Please click on the links below for the individual APT websites for each building.

    Cherokee APT


    Everett APT

    Sheridan APT

    APT and Spirit... What's the difference

    APT and Spirit... What's the Difference?

    The APT (Association of Parents and Teachers) and the Spirit of 67 Foundation are different organizations working together to enhance our children's education.

    The APT is comprised of parents, like you, who are committed to promoting good communication and cooperative working relationships between the community, school and home. It also creates programming to enrich the educational experience of our District 67 students and brings families together.

    Who is the Spirit of 67 Foundation?  Lake Forest School District 67 provides all that is essential to the curriculum for our students through its operating budget. The Spirit provides funding for enhancements to our curriculum and ensures we are providing our students with the “world class” education we all expect. Money raised by the Spirit makes a difference!

    Click here for more information. The Spirit of 67 Foundation is a 501-3c Non-profit Organization.

    Share Your News

    Do you have APT new or events that you would like to share with the district? Please complete the form using the button below and provide as much information as possible. Feel free to share one clear photo and/or video clip with your submission.

    Submit a News Story

    Most stories will be shared with local media outlets (both online and print editions), as well as published on our district website and/or shared through other district channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

    Questions? Call the Communications Department at 847-604-7421 or email .

    Current News and Events

    • EW/Parent Awareness Speaker Series

      Posted February 16, 2017

      D67 Emotional Wellness & APT Parent Awareness proudly present the first speaker in our 2017 Speaker Series: Dr. Elizabeth LombardoDealing with a Moody Child” on Feb. 22, 9:30-11:00 am at the DPME CUBE. To RSVP or submit specific questions, please click HERE.

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    • 67 E-Pulse Newsletter

      Posted February 13, 2017

      Read the latest issue of 67 E-Pulse http://conta.cc/2kMakgP

      Read More
    • Announcing the APT Executive Board Slate for the 2017-2019 School Years

      Posted February 10, 2017

      Executive Board President – Desiree Witte
      Executive Board Treasurer – Ann Kiesling
      Executive Board Communications Secretary – Marty Vander Velde
      Everett School APT President – Kate Leech
      Deer Path Middle School APT President – Beth Laufenberg

      View their bios HERE.

      Voting on this slate of candidates is open to all District 67 APT members and will take place at the APT’s Annual Meeting. All District 67 parents and community members are invited to attend our Annual Meeting on Wednesday, March 8th from 9-11 a.m. at CROYA (located in the Lake Forest Recreation Center.)

      We would like to thank the members of the Nominating Committee for their service. We are grateful for your time, effort and thoughtfulness to assemble this slate of candidates.

      Read More
    • DPM Art Fair 2017

      Posted February 3, 2017

      Congratulations to all who participated in the 2017 DPM Art Fair! Our DPM student artists submitted over 100 entries for this year's show. Independent judges, faculty and all of the students voted for their favorites and the winners are in! Art will be on display for all to enjoy for the next few weeks. Be sure to visit our Art Fair Open House from 5-7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 22nd in the Cube and the Haskins. Thank you to all of the artists – we are so impressed with your creativity!

      DPM-E Winners List
      DPM-W Winners List

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    • Cherokee Winterfest DJ Dance Party: A Night at the Disco

      Posted January 10, 2017

      February 3, 2017
      K-2 party 6:00-7:00 pm
      Grades 3-4 party: 7:30-8:30 pm

      Come dressed in your best tie-dye or 70's gear and boogie with your Cheetah friends. See the Cherokee APT website for more details.

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    • APT Fine Arts Program - Barrel of Monkeys

      Posted November 17, 2016

      Fourth grade students at all elementary schools enjoyed an in-class residency with Barrel of Monkeys, thanks to the APT Fine Arts Program and funding from the Spirit of 67. The actors will return on December 12 to perform select students' written pieces for all the 4th graders. The final performance will be held in the Everett Multipurpose Room at 10am.

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    • Elementary Schools Welcome Visiting Author Candace Fleming

      Posted November 9, 2016

      Well known children's author, Candace Fleming, presented to students in kindergarten through fourth grade this week. She brainstormed with students about "collecting story seeds" and the writing process. Her books include The Giant Squid, Clever Jack Takes the Cake, Oh, No!, and Boxes for Katje.

      Thank you to the APT Visiting Author Program Chairs, and to the Spirit of 67 Foundation for funding this opportunity.

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    • APT Fine Arts - The Great Presidential Challenge

      Posted October 3, 2016

      The Great Presidential Challenge (American Eagle Productions) Game Show is for students in Grades 2-8. Modeled after "Family Feud," this exciting show uses teams of contestants from the audience to answer questions about the presidential election and general social studies. All questions are grade appropriate and teacher tested. As many as 50 students are chosen to play in a 45 minute performance and students in the audience get a chance to participate.

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