Student Placement

Our purpose in maintaining class sizes at a reasonable number of students is to provide for individual and small group instruction.

Assignment to a classroom is made after professional consideration of each individual child by the building principal and his/her staff. We take into consideration such factors as class size, gender of students, learning styles, ability and achievement, learning or emotional challenges, and peer relationships. We discourage parental requests asking that a child be placed with a specific teacher. If extenuating circumstances exist, please submit a written request to the building principal. This request should provide specific reasons and a thorough explanation of the child’s needs. Such a request will be considered if the reasons given do not conflict with the criteria for placement stated above.

School District 67 specifies that, to enter kindergarten, children must be five years of age by September 1st of their kindergarten year.  To enter first grade, children must be six years of age by September 1st of their first grade year.  Students who do not meet the age requirement will not be enrolled early.

Elementary Schools

In the elementary grades, the teacher may group children of similar readiness in the areas of reading and math so that they may progress at their own level of achievement. Groups are made on an as-needed basis in the other academic areas, with all groupings flexible. Groupings may change on a day-to-day basis, depending upon the immediate and the long-term needs of the children.

Each K-4 school has an Enrichment Resource Teacher (ERT) who works closely with classroom teachers to provide flexible groupings, differentiate the curriculum, and ensure that we meet each student’s unique needs.

Middle School

Grouping decisions in grades 5-8 are made in the academic areas of language arts and mathematics. Instructional groups in these subject areas are as follows:

  • Language Arts – Core, Explore, and Quest
  • Math – course sequence: Bridges 5, Math 6 or Math 6/7, Math 7 or Math 7/8, Math 8 or Algebra 1, Algebra 2

Placement in Explore and Quest classes for middle school students is based on professional judgment from teachers, task samples, and testing data. Individual student placement is reviewed on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

World language instruction includes:

  • Mandarin and Advanced Mandarin (Grades 5 and 6 only)
  • Latin French Spanish – Standard and Honors

Placement in Honors classes is determined by teacher recommendation.

Instruction in the academic areas for all students is centered around a standard district curriculum. Staff modify according to the instructional needs of the group and the individual student. Each student, regardless of placement, receives the same core curriculum. Grouping allows variation of pace, depth, breadth, and mode of instruction with which the material is studied.