Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness Initiative

District 67 is committed to the Emotional Wellness Initiative which began in the 2006-2007 school year. The goal of the initiative is to improve the overall culture and climate and learning environment for all stakeholders through the direct teaching of character education and social/emotional learning skills.  We strive to implement a sustainable and intentional approach and embed character education and social/emotional learning into all that we do.

Click on the Illinois State Board of Education link below to view the Illinois Social/Emotional Learning Standards.

ISBE Social/Emotional Learning Standards

Emotional Wellness Committee (EWC) Vision

  • The Emotional Wellness Initiative operates under the core belief that all adults who come into contact with our students have a profound impact on their development as individuals.
  • When schools effectively promote positive character development, they actually see strong academic benefits!

  • We know that successes in life and personal wellness are linked to a set of relational skills that truly can be modeled, practiced, and encouraged each day.

  • The skills toward building self and social awareness, self-management, relationship capacity, and responsible decision-making are a priority.

  • With a true spirit of collaboration between school staff, parents, and the community, we truly can guide our students toward reaching their unique potentials.

Emotional Wellness Committee (EWC) Structure

District-Based Emotional Wellness Committee

District Emotional Wellness Coordinator, District Coach, District Mentors, Building Mentors, Principals, Parents, LEAD, CROYA, Support Staff, Athletics, Gen-Ed, Special Education, Food Service, Transportation, CHARMM’d

D67 Building Emotional Wellness Mentors

DPM East and West
Megan Carney (DPME)
Elise Stetson (DPME)
Colene Hardy (DPMW)
India Baughman (DPMW)

Krina Lessard
Amy Piergalski

Lynn Frank
Jenna Harrington
Karen Flor (co-leading while Jenna Harrington is on leave)

Deena Puglisi
Laura Schlemm

Community-Based Emotional Wellness Committees

50.Strong, Community Wellness Task Force, Bridges


Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness Coordinator

Emilie Dieck-Correa

School EWC Websites:

67 E-Pulse

District 67 Emotional Wellness Committee / APT Parent Awareness newsletter:


  • Teamwork: Working cooperatively to achieve a common goal.
  • Caring: Showing interest in the well being of yourself and others.
  • Honesty/Integrity: Doing what you know is right.
  • Respect: Valuing and showing consideration for yourself, the environment, and the community.
  • Responsibility: Taking ownership of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.