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    • New LFHS Class Schedule Information/Schedule Corrections

      New LFHS Class Schedule Information

      Student schedules are generated based on each student’s specific course selections. A schedule packet was mailed to homes on Thursday, July 14, 2016 and included a blank schedule template based on the student’s class selections and lunch period.

      Each student schedule includes information for both Semester 1 (S1) and Semester 2 (S2). Class periods are broken into slots 1-17 and EB (Early Bird) that coordinate with periods throughout the day. Slots are necessary, as some students have split periods to accommodate their class selections.

      To convert an individual schedule to the template:

      • Identify all classes that are First Semester (S1) - Only convert First Semester (S1) classes to the template.
      • Refer to your schedule - Write the class and room number in the corresponding color-coded box.
        Example: Slot 1,2 (S1)- converts to 1st period - write English 1/Room 212 in the corresponding box
      • Complete that process for each day of the week and each slot/period throughout the day. Important: Note that not all classes meet every day.

      Additional Schedule Information:

      • Monday, Tuesday, and Friday classes begin at 8:15am. Early Bird at 7:25am
      • Wednesday morning is staff collaboration from 7:45am-8:45am. Classes will begin at 9:00am
      • Thursday morning is Personal Learning Time (PLT) from 7:45am-8:45am. Students can meet with his/her own teacher for additional instruction. Classes begin at 9:00am
      • During your lunch period on Wednesdays and Thursdays - start off in the class assigned to those time slots/periods. Teachers will indicate lunch breaks during those time slots/periods.
      • For the few students who have a slot 19 class listed in their schedule, please disregard that slot. Slot 19 is listed for the high school's record keeping. We regret any confusion this may have caused.

      If you are taking an AP Science Class:

      • AP Science classes are scheduled using three slots (1.5 class periods). Your AP Science class will be taught during three slots with a study hall or free period during a fourth slot (thus making up 2 full class periods).
      • If your AP Science class begins during Early Bird, it will be held during Early Bird and Slots1, 2/Period 1.
      • apc.jpg

      Additional Templates

      If you would like to convert your second semester schedule or need an additional template please download the correct template below.

      IMPORTANT: Please select the template that corresponds with your designated lunch slot. These may be different for each semester and for each student.

      Slot 7 - Lunch Schedule Template

      Slot 9 - Lunch Schedule Template

      Slot 11 - Lunch Schedule Template

      Schedule Corrections

      If there is an error in the your class schedule or if you are requesting a change, please access the Schedule Correction form.

      Prior to requesting a correction, it is important to review the list of closed classes.

      These classes are already filled to capacity. Schedule Correction forms must be submitted by Thursday, July 28 at 3:00 pm.

      Any changes we can accommodate will be reflected on PowerSchool August 10th via the Powerschool link found near the bottom of the homepage under School Links and Resources. PowerSchool student passwords are located on your enclosed class schedule. Students are required to attend courses as listed on the schedules as of Textbook Pick Up.

      Have questions?

      Please call the Student Services Office at (847) 582-7388 on Monday through Thursday from
      8:00am-2:00pm. Assistance will also be available during Textbook and Chromebook pickup for students and families who have questions about their schedule logistics.

      Learn about the new fresh, fast and healthy lunch options

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    • LFHS 2016 -17 Online Registration/Fee Payment, Required Textbooks Now Available

      Parents should have received a SnapCode email for each District 115 student. Your SnapCode email contains a personalized link to complete online registration and fee payment.

      If you did not receive your SnapCode email, please contact Tiffany Smith at tsmith@lfschools.net or Natalia Martinez at nmartinez@lfschools.net or 847-235-9657.

      We encourage families to complete the online registration as soon as possible. Your student's registration will not be completed until you have submitted the online registration and fee payment. You will receive a confirmation email after submission.

      Families must complete online registration and fee payment no later than Monday, August 1, 2016 to attend Textbook and Chromebook Pick-Up at East Campus on the following dates:

      Monday, August 15
      Seniors: 9am - 12pm
      Juniors: 12pm - 3pm

      Tuesday, August 16
      Sophomores: 9am - 12pm
      Freshmen: 12pm - 3pm

      Wednesday, August 17
      Open session Textbook & Chromebook Pick-Up: 8am - 12pm

      Thank you in advance for completing your online registration and fee payment!

      Required Textbooks 2016-2017
      English Required Readings 2016-2017


      Lake Forest High School 2016 Fall Sports – 1st day tryout information

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    • LFHS Community Encouraged to March in Lake Forest Day Parade!

      This year will mark the 108th anniversary of Lake Forest Day, sponsored by the American Legion Post #264. This year's theme is The American Legion Salutes Lake Forest High School, Eighty Years of Excellence.

      Lake Forest Day is the largest annual celebration in the City of Lake Forest and is attended by thousands of residents and visitors from surrounding communities. A parade is held through the center of town on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 9:00am.

      To find out more about this celebration visit http://www.post264.org/ Groups and individuals can sign up for free to march in the parade.

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    • CollegeBoard AP Exam Scores Available Online

      CollegeBoard AP Exam Scores Available Online

      Lake Forest High School students can gain access to view their College Board AP Exam scores on Thursday, July 7, 2016, 7:00 am CDT, online at www.apscore.org. Please note, they will not receive paper score reports in the mail.

      Helpful tips and tools from CollegeBoard to access your scores:

      Sign up for a College Board account. Make sure to provide the same information on your account as you did on your AP answer sheet. If you already have an account from taking previous AP or SAT exams, try signing in to confirm.

      Remember the following information to access your scores:

      Your College Board account username and password. Forgot your password?.
      Your 2016 AP number (or student ID if provided on your AP answer sheet). Learn where to find your AP number.

      Videos available from CollegeBoard:

      • AP Students – Get Ready for AP Scores: Video |
      • How to Get Your AP Scores: Video |
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    • ACT/SAT/AP/PSAT Test Calendar 2016-17 Available!

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    • College Admissions Officers - Schedule College Visits for Fall!

      Lake Forest High School has just rolled out a new online scheduling system through RepVisits.com. Admissions officers who would like to schedule a visit can do so at: http://repvisits.com/

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    • Board of Education Committees Seeking New Members - Application Deadline is Friday, Aug. 5, 2016

      One of the best opportunities to serve our community and be involved in Lake Forest High School is by serving as a Community Representative on one of our Board of Education Committees. Community members interact with Board Members and Administrators, participate in the important committee work of the district, and provide invaluable input from our citizens, parents and other stakeholders.

      We are currently seeking applications for the Education Committee and Finance/Operations Committee. All Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood residents, parents and community members are invited to apply for these positions. Appointments to these committees are for two-year terms and will be based on interest and qualifications.

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    • Auditions for Senior-Directed One-Acts and Fall Play to be held in August!

      Auditions for Senior-Directed One-Acts and Fall Play to be held in August!

      AUDITIONS for the Senior-Directed One-Acts produced by the ITS Club

      Wednesday, August 17
      2:30pm - 5:30pm

      All are welcome, all freshmen (first year students) invited!

      Senior-Directed One-Acts Performances
      Saturday, August 27

      Look for more Info at Textbook and Chromebook Pick-Up

      Auditions for the ALL-SCHOOL fall play directed by Mr. Pulio will be August 29th & 30th.

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    • LFHS Partnership – Volunteer Tutors Needed

      With changes to the LFHS school-day for the 2016-17 school year, we have an opportunity to expand our academic supports for students before and after-school. The LFHS administration is reaching out to interested community volunteers to support the tutoring work in our Resource Centers. If you have experience tutoring students or a degree in a specific content area, are a retired teacher/educator, or college student looking to acquire experience or fulfill hours for teaching credentials, this is a great community volunteer opportunity.

      Please submit your interest, by completing LFHS Partnership Survey and we will be in touch with you over the summer regarding your interest. Please note, an interview, fingerprinting, and a background check are required through this process. This program will begin August 22, 2016. If you have questions, please contact awhipple@lfschools.net.

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    • Screens for Teens to be Held Monday, August 29! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

      Every year thousands of seemingly healthy young adults die from hidden heart conditions leaving behind heartbroken families, friends, and communities. Max Schewitz appeared to be a fit and healthy 20-year-old the day he collapsed and died from a hidden heart problem. After such tragedies, people ask “Isn't there a way to find these kids before they collapse and die?” An EKG test can help!

      On Monday, August 29, 2016, all Lake Forest High School students will have the opportunity to participate in Screens for Teens, which includes an EKG for all participants and an echo for certain students. Only students with written permission will be tested. Because the heart changes over time, even previously tested students should sign up for testing. Testing is conducted in private booths set up in the gym and every effort is made to respect privacy and modesty. Cardiologist Eli Lavie, MD, of NorthShore University Health System will oversee all aspects of testing and interpretation. Results are confidential and will be shared only with parents.

      Testing will be on Monday, August 29th. It will begin at 7:45 am and conclude at 3:15 pm.

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    Deadline to Complete Online Registration/Fee Payment

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    Fall Sports Begin

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    Textbook and Chromebook Pick-Up; Seniors, Juniors

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    Textbook and Chromebook Pick-Up; Sophomores, Freshmen

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    Textbook and Chromebook Pick-Up; Open

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    New Family Orientation

    9:30 AM - 10:30 AMLAKE FOREST HIGH SCHOOL - (EAST), , Room 170

    Auditions for Senior Senior-Directed One-Acts

    2:30 PM - 5:30 PMRaymond Moore Auditorium

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    LFHS Institute Day (No school for students)


    Freshman Orientation Day

    Lake Forest High School

    LFHS Institute Day (No school for students)