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Lake Forest High School's arrival and entry plan, and other safety protocols.
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In-person learning (via our e-Hybrid model/schedule) for freshmen and sophomores only. Juniors and seniors will continue with remote learning. Please use this link to read the entire communication

October 26 - 30
Regular e-Hybrid Schedule (Color/BW)

November 2 - 6
Special Weekly Schedule (Color/BW)
Non-attendance day for students and staff on November 3 (Election Day)

November 9 - 13
Regular e-Hybrid Schedule (Color/BW)

November 16 - 20
Regular e-Hybrid Schedule (Color/BW)
Non-student attendance day on November 18 (Planning day for faculty/staff)

November 23 - 27
Special Weekly Schedule (Color/BW)
All remote learning due to a two day week (Thanksgiving Break)

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SCOUT DESTINATIONS is an online newsletter dedicated to the college and career discovery process. The purpose of SCOUT DESTINATIONS is to provide the entire Lake Forest High School community with relevant information, tips and timelines, along with diverse insights and voices to help guide families through the college search journey, and ease some of the anxiety inherent in the college search and admissions process. Read the latest edition here.

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As we partner in the education and success of your students, we want to ensure that they have access to support that can help them as they progress through high school. As a result, we will again be offering our ACT Test Prep course this fall and winter. Registration closes for ACT Test Prep at noon on Monday, November 2, 2020... read more

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The All-American High School Film Festival Complete Experience Film Contest is the most prestigious student film contest in the world. Over 100 schools participate each year from across the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia. Normally a 5-week contest that culminates with shooting in New York City for 3 days, this year schools had 4 weeks to come up with a team, a plan, and a story based on the prompt "For a Long Time."

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Instructional Supervisors will oversee the daily needs of certain classrooms where the teacher is providing remote instruction for students. Instructional Supervisors should possess the ability to work, communicate and collaborate effectively with students and staff. This position pays $130 per day.

Job qualifications for this role have been updated by the State of Illinois as of October 6 – a substitute teaching license is no longer required for this position... read more

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We all associate Fall with Back to School – but twenty or thirty years from now, what will we all remember about this particular return to school?

The History Center of Lake Forest-Lake Bluff in partnership with the Lake Forest School District 67 and District 115 are launching a new initiative to preserve those memories now, in real-time. A new digital exhibit called Facing School 2020 gives students, teachers and parents from schools across the community a central place to share their experiences, find encouragement, and access their stories about back-to-school 2020 for years to come.
Please visit this link to view the Facing School 2020 Digital Exhibit and start submitting your content today!

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Helping you navigate this year's new learning journey

Resource Center Schedule

LFHS students and families. Please see the Resource Center schedule as well as the live Google Meet 'Waiting Rooms.' Students are encouraged to access supports during the school day, as well as before and after school, when applicable

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