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Congratulations to Lake Forest High School Class of 2017 Graduates!
  • 98% of the 438 senior class graduates will be attending college in the fall
  • Approximately $7,500,000 in scholarship money was awarded to the members of the senior class
  • Included in that scholarship total were three appointments to the Service Academies (Air Force & Naval Academy); four ROTC Scholarships; and three full-ride Chick Evans Caddie Scholarships.
  • Six National Merit Finalists
  • 144 Illinois State Scholars
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Graduating senior students who have a positive lunch balance after graduation...

  • Existing funds will FIRST be transferred into a current LFHS younger sibling's account for use next school year. No further action is necessary.
  • If there are no current younger LFHS siblings and the senior student has a positive lunch balance (above $5.00) after graduation, they will receive a refund check via mail. Checks will be made payable to parents and mailed to home addresses on file. They will be processed by the end of June.
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LFHS Photo 2 students have once again interpreted the egg theme for the Egg Harbor Photo contest! 20 images, in two groups of 10, will be in the foyer of Egg Harbor Cafe in Lake Forest, IL until May 20. The public can vote on the images as they wait for their table. View the preview of the images at Egg Harbor now!

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