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Scout Nation


Scout Nation Mission Statement

The mission of Scout Nation is to create a positive atmosphere and establish school unity by supporting the teams and clubs of Lake Forest High School. Scout Nation will lead the charge with cheering for our teams' successes while following good sportsmanship guidelines.


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Student-athletes of all grades who aspire to play college sports and their parents are invited to attend the NCAA Eligibility Workshop for ALL Lake County High Schools at Mundelein High School Auditorium on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 from 7:00 - 8:30 PM.

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When you are registering for sports for the 2017-2018 school year remember to submit a current physical (less than a year old – and physical date must cover the sport season) If you have questions please contact Jean Leccesi in the athletic office – 582-7710.

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Joe Busse –


Scout Nation meets Tuesday mornings at 7:25 AM

in room 63.


  • Support ALL Lake Forest High School Sports
  • Meet and decide which games will make the "Highlighted" games of the week
  • Go to as many games as possible and cheer in a positive way by cheering for LFHS rather than cheering against an opponent.
  • Create different themes & ideas for each game to create interest and fun for fans to participate in


Play it while you sing along!

Cheer, cheer for Lake Forest High
the school whose spirit never dies.
Cheer for the team that has made it famous in the years gone by
and we will cheer for the blue and the gold,
the colors ever wave on high.
So let’s add to the score and win here once more,
come on and fight Lake Forest High.