Volleyball Girls (Freshman B)

Team Info:

2017 LFHS Girls Freshman B Volleyball Team Photo
(Photo by Visual Image Photography, Inc.)
COACH: Reanna Perera, Assistant Freshman Girls Volleyball



Athletics Roster

2017 Freshman Girls Volleyball Roster

Alexandra Abbagnaro 2021
Abigail Clarke 2021
Ella Czerniejewski 2021
Lauren Fabbri 2021
Juliana Finley 2021
Annika Garcia 2021
Grace Gaston 2021
Lauren Hauer 2021
Ainslie Homan 2021
Taylor Kamholz 2021
Anne Kelly 2021
Sylvia Kollasch 2021
Payton Marzelle 2021
Madeline Medica2021
Gianna Pasquesi2021
Yana Savitsky2021
Heidi Schoeller2021
Anna Seyfert2021
Lauren Stanton2021
Lillian Trkla2021
Natalie Waite2021
Abigail Wise2021
Samantha Wong2021
Zoe Zoghlin2021

Freshman Head Coach - Leah Pranke
Freshman Asst. Coach - Reanna Perera

Superintendent: Michael Simeck
Principal: Dr. Chala Holland
Athletic Director: Tim Burkhalter

Nickname: Scouts
Team Colors: Royal Blue & Gold
Enrollment 1672

Team News

Team News



Leah Pranke, LFHS Head Freshman Girls Volleyball Coach

Leah Pranke, Head Freshman Girls Volleyball

Coach Pranke has been Head Freshman Volleyball coach at LFHS since 2016. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Biology Education from Illinois State University. Coach Pranke is a teacher in the Science Department at Lake Forest High School.

Reanna Perera, LFHS Assistant Freshman Girls Volleyball Coach

Reanna Perera, Assistant Freshman Girls Volleyball

2017 marks Coach Perera's first year as LFHS Assistant Freshman Girls Volleyball coach. She played Varsity volleyball at Oak Creek High School in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Coach Perera received her Bachelor's Degree in Sports & Wellness Management from Trinity International University. She works in the Athletic Office where she is an Assistant to Community Ed. & Athletics.



Martha Clifford
Quinn DiTomasso
Katherine Finnegan
Gabriella Franko
Katherine Gilcrest
Isabella Graf
Emily Hart
Riley King
Caeli Kinsella
Sydney Leonardi
Alma Mackic
Sarah Markee
Olivia McCall
Morgan McGlynn
Morgan Mitchell
Emma OConnor
Vivian Popov
Mary Margaret Reay
Samantha Rubin
Carrie Saginur
Honor Thomas
Andrea Urdaneta
Allison Wicks
Ainsley Wiesner
Isabel Wiesner
Lindley Wiesner

A – Wins: 8 Losses: 14
B – Wins: 6 Losses: 9

Season Summary - Notes from the Coach

The freshman A girls' volleyball team has had a great season this year. We all began this season as newbies to Lake Forest and the high school volleyball program. There isn't a better group of girls I would have wanted to start out my first year coaching with.

The girls dedicated a lot of their time, their energy, and their efforts to this team throughout the season. Looking back at the very beginning of the season, we lost our first nine matches. It was an uphill battle from the start, but these girls didn't give up. They came to every practice with a smile on their faces, and ready to give me their all. The girls knew their biggest weakness was serve receive, and they were excited to get the chance to work on that every single practice! They didn't take it as something to defeat them, they took it as something to strive towards, which they ultimately did. Ending their season with fourth place our of 16 teams at the New Trier Tournament, I watched them play some of the best volleyball I have ever seen this whole season. They have come an incredibly long way as individuals, and as a team, and I am incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

The freshman B girls' volleyball team has enjoyed a great season. When it all began back in August, seven of the thirteen girls had never played on a volleyball team before.

Through hard work, dedication, and great attitudes, they quickly melded with the others and truly became a team. Anyone who saw the first match against Wheeling and then the last match against Waukegan would not have recognized the girls as the same team! Their skills, confidence, and teamwork had all improved so very much! Their ability to play "in system" increased remarkably! They finished the season with a record of 6-9, but they won six of their last eight matches! Adopting the them of "Keep it light!" the girls had a blast and also became a formidable team! Some of our highlights were beating Libertyville in an exciting three-set match, "Candy Practices", playing "The Game" at practice, and coming back from down 24-18 in the third set to beat Zion Benton! The season went by all too quickly, and it provided the players with many wonderful memories!