Applause is the booster organization for the musical arts at Lake Forest High School. Founded in 1996, it is an organization of parents, alumni, faculty, and friends that provides support and communication for all band, choral, orchestral, and other music activities.


Applause promotes student recognition, awards, and scholarships; publishes In Concert, the musical arts newsletter; assists with the Honors Competition; coordinates the Spaghetti Dinner; assists with the Citrus Sale; manages band and orchestra concert attire; and provides concert ushers, receptions, decorations, and publicity.

Applause's greatest source of income is membership donations. Funds raised go toward the purchase of equipment, grants for visiting artists and master classes, camp scholarships, and the spring trip abroad. Applause also sponsors the Senior Scholarships for Excellence in Music.



President—Joyce Allen
Secretary-Allison Waggoner
Treasurer-Lisa Watters
V.P. Communication—Cheryl Pettit
V.P. Grants & Development—Kathy Johnson
V.P. Membership—Joy McGreevy
Citrus Sale (Band/Orchestra)—Susan Lewin
Music Banquet—Rosanne Pompe
Hospitality Supplies—Nancy McKiernan
Hospitality - Band—Ann Marie Grieve and Valerie Holmes
Hospitality - Orchestra— Katie Burdiak
Hospitality - Chorus—Ilsa Arevalo and Camille Prindle
Music Display Case—Maria Allen
Newsletter—Kim Clair
Spaghetti Dinner—Kristin Puryear
Decorations—Enza Raupp
Volunteers—Sushama Krishnaswamy
Raffle—Victoria Luo
Tickets—Nancy Jaffe Faloona and Pico Marchant
Student Recognition—Sally Davis
Team Parent - Band—Nancy Mckiernan and Barb Piechota
Team Parent - Chorus—Marcia Dayton, Jennifer Margolis and Kathy Johnson
Team Parent - Orchestra—Joyce Allen, Joy McGreevy, and Rebecca Oline
Team Parent & Hospitality Jazz Band-Debbie Teske
Uniforms—Kris Kilmer, Barb Piechota, Nikki Rhomberg


Support the Music Department Annual Fruit Sale by ordering October 3-November 1, 2017. This fundraiser supports LFHS Choirs and their musical tour of Italy. They will be performing at the Vatican and on the Almafi Coast in Italy over spring break 2018. We have partnered with Florida Indian River Groves to provide you with the freshest fruit available.

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Applause Board meetings are typically held in the Wedge Café on the second Tuesday of each month between September and May.

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