Lake Forest Schools

Slate for 2016-2017 School Year

Executive Board
Chair-Liz Brandel
Secretary-Kate Amaral
Treasurer - Lisa Watters
Vice Chair Development-Jeff Folker
Vice Chair Grants-Jenny Zinser
Vice Chair Communications-Katherine Reay
Vice Chair Special Events-Michelle Glyman
Vice Chair Nominating-Beth Clemmensen
Vice Chair Innovation Incubator – Amy Davidson

Vice Chair-Katherine Reay
Writer-Megan Andress
Graphic Designer-Susan Chandler
Constant Contact/FB/Grants-Beth Laufenberg
Webmaster-Nikki Rhomberg
Grants Communications – Ann Skinner

Vice Chair-Jeff Folker
Community Development-Alyson Dueringer
Alumni Development-Jennifer McGregor
Database Management-Susan Carlson
Mailing Coordinator-Kristen Anderson

Vice Chair-Jenny Zinser
Liaison-Holly Kyle
Liaison-Colette Mendelson
Liaison-Simone Asmussen
Grants-Financial Specialist-Martha Avery
Grants Communications – Ann Skinner
Grants/Constant Contact/FB-Beth Laufenberg
Faculty Liaison-Jim Sullivan

Asst. Treasurer -Lindsay Seaman
Luncheon Committee Chairman-Christiana Walsh
HS Parent Group Liaison-Anne Marie Smith
Faculty Liaison-Jim Sullivan

LFHS Foundation


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Our purpose is to provide the funding necessary to advance academics for all students at Lake Forest High School.

The LFHS Foundation is an all-volunteer organization that helps bridge the gap between tax dollars received by the district and the cost of providing a high-quality education in the 21st century. Students and teachers look to our resources to provide cutting-edge technology, best-in-class teaching methods, and classroom enhancements that would not otherwise be possible.

The Foundation was formed in 2002 by 11 members of the community who joined in partnership with the LFHS administration and District 115 Board of Education.

Since then, the Foundation has awarded more than $1,000,000 in academic grants. Thanks to the generosity of our families, alumni, friends, and businesses, more than 150 grants have been awarded over the past decade— and every student, in every grade, at every learning level has benefitted. Virtually every dollar raised goes directly back into the school to support academics.

Grants typically are awarded in the spring for implementation in the next school year. Past grants have been awarded for:

  • Core subjects - Math, Science, English, World Language, and Social Studies
  • Electives - Music, Art, and Applied Technology
  • School-wide technology - Sound systems and audio/visual equipment for common spaces
  • Learning readiness - Wellness, Social Work, Health, and Drivers’ Ed
  • Professional development - Teacher training on best-in-class methods
  • Other - Library, Administration, Special Education, and Student Services