Welcome to the Sheridan Elementary Community! Sheridan is a neighborhood school of approximately 225 students in grades K to 4, as well as the Community of Learners Pre-school.We pride ourselves in offering a rich, diverse, high-quality educational experience for all learners in a “small-school” atmosphere. Our students and families are surrounded by a dedicated and collaborative staff, as well as countless resources throughout their entire educational journey.

Over the past 4 years, our teachers have worked intensely to implement new math, reading, and writing curricula; and will continue this year with new science and social studies units using an inquiry-based approach to learning.Classroom teachers also engaged in over 20 hours of training and professional development this summer to support the academic and social/emotional instruction at Sheridan. Their commitment to continuing their own learning has been commendable, and they are excited to return to their classrooms to translate their learning into practice and enhanced opportunities for all students!

In addition to the instructional opportunities at Sheridan, several construction projects have been completed over the summer.The most notable change is our front entrance and office suite.The entry has a new safety vestibule, and the entire front office suite has been remodeled with enhanced safety features, as well as a new office for the school nurse.One of our classrooms has been transformed into a test classroom, as the district continues its investment in transforming our learning spaces to reflect current best practice.Tucked away in the back of the school is perhaps the most anticipated project - the installation of the new playground! After more than 20 years, District 67, the Spirit of 67, and students and staff at Sheridan combined efforts to research, purchase and install a new playground! All of our students and family benefit from all of these enhancements to our school, and we are proud of District’s commitment to both our instructional programming as well as the learning environments for our students and staff.

Communication between home and school is important, so please get connected! District 67 and Sheridan use electronic communications regularly including a weekly e-newsletter; details about special events; and important announcements. The Sheridan School website and Association of Parents and Teachers (APT) sites also include important information about current and upcoming events.

We are looking forward to a fantastic school year!


Dr. Michelle Shinn


Dr. Michelle Shinn