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  • Exploration Hour

    Throughout the year, all students at Sheridan enjoy learning to code through different coding apps. During the week of November 16, students in second and fourth grade enjoyed Exploration Hour using coding apps, circuitry with Little Bits, OSMOS, Sifteo Cubes (gaming cubes), Strawbees, Origami and Cardboard construction. The students had the choice to explore whichever stations they were interested in, the opportunity to move from station to station whenever they chose to do so, and the opportunity to work independently or with others. When asked why these opportunities were important to them, their responses all lead to creativity and fun!

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  • Share Your Knowledge With Our Students

    We are creating a database of contacts that list experts or specialists within our school community. We'd like to give our students of Lake Forest the opportunity to discover and learn from others beyond the walls of their classroom. Are you one of them? Do you have a contact that you could share? If there is someone who could be added into our database that is a personal connection please share this link with them.

    Expert Database‚Äč

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  • Food Tasting Take 2

    The Food Service Committee is excited to bring your kids another great Tasting Experience! On December 7th, Quest will provide samples of their protein packed healthy Seasoned Ground Turkey and Corn Chips. These are used on Taco and Nacho lunch days. Gluten Free. Quest will have Tacos available for lunch on December 7th.

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  • Spirit Grants Now & Then: Language Arts

    The Spirit of 67 Foundation has been proud to award grants providing support to District 67’s Language Arts curriculum. Over the years, The Spirit has funded innovative and invaluable programs and resources to assist students in mastering the areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language. Read all about it here!

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  • Sheridan Light Bulb Lab

    Sheridan's Light Bulb Lab (reinvented library) gets plenty of use with multiple classes using the space at the same time! Students in 2nd grade enjoy design thinking in the maker area while science students explore force and motion with different materials.

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  • Share Your News

    Great things are happening at our schools... why not share the news with everyone else! Click HERE to learn more!

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  • District 67 Food Sampling

    On October 26, students at a Cherokee, Sheridan & Everett had the opportunity to try one of Quest Food Service’s Vegetarian options: Quinoa Chili. The APT Food Service Committee and Quest partnered to offer the lunchtime sampling, and are providing a similar recipe for our families to try at home!

    Vegetarian Quinoa Chili (recipe from Two Peas & Their Pod)

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  • First Grade Teams up with LFHS

    First-grade students in Mr. Carney and Mrs. Norman's Wellness classes at Sheridan School are spending every Thursday with students from Lake Forest High School for a cross-age developmental mentoring program that focuses on teamwork, collaboration, and positive feedback.

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  • Outdoor Learning

    Sheridan Students enjoy outdoor learning in the courtyard ! Favorite comments to be heard: "It is fun learning outside in the sun." "This is like recess...we get to be outside." "We should learn this way all the time." "We can move the chairs wherever we the sun, in the shade. This is great!"

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  • Stacke Design Thinking

    Ms. Stacke and Ms. Newtown team up to present Design Thinking to Ms. Stacke's students, a structured approach to generating and developing ideas. For the last three weeks, students have been building empathy and understanding towards global issues using Design Thinking. Here they are brainstorming and presenting their ideas on ways to solve a real-world problem.

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Sheridan Chorus

2:50 PM - 3:50 PMSh142

Spirit of 67 Holiday Brunch Meeting


Sheridan Chorus

2:50 PM - 3:50 PMSh142

District 67 Board of Education Meeting

7:00 PM - 9:00 PMBoard Room, LFHS West Campus

Visit this link


Family Winter Sing

Sheridan Gym