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  • Vision Statement 

    District 115, Lake Forest Community High School, espouses the importance of fostering an inclusive environment for all students and staff. An inclusive environment encourages the affirmation, appreciation, and exploration of multiple identities and multiple perspectives. We understand that excellent and exemplary school districts foster a culture of inclusion where the lives and needs of all students are validated, recognized, and appreciated, and are centered in the educational experience provided. D115 knows that “every student has an incredible capacity to learn. Our responsibility is to create an environment that maximizes the possibility for each student’s growth” (D115 Core Values). 

    In order to maximize the possibility for each student’s growth, we continue to actively work to eliminate barriers, systems, and practices that maintain or contribute to disparities, inequities, discrimination, and intolerance of any kind. 

    Our district is better for all students and staff when we embrace and value the diversity that exists. It is our responsibility to expose students to diverse learning experiences and perspectives and to assist students in thinking about themselves and the world around them. We want all of our students to be prepared to successfully engage the larger global community and have the “courage to make a difference” (D115 Mission). 

    Ownership and Responsibility 

    District 115 creates an environment where listening, understanding, and sharing of diverse thoughts and experiences are valued and respected across all stakeholder groups. This requires great intention, thoughtful planning, opportunities for engagement, and a sustained commitment from the Board of Education and the Superintendent.

    Engagement of Students and Staff

    District 115 knows that staff create and foster the daily environment for our students to maximize their full potential. We continue to prepare students for the diverse ideas and identities that they will encounter in the larger, global community, and we encourage their understanding, empathy, exploration, and celebration of those differences. 

    Family and Community Partnerships 

    District 115 values parent and community partnerships and believes that by leveraging and seeking the cultural assets that exist within and outside the school community, we enhance life-outcomes and opportunities for our students.