An Overview of Technology Services

  • Our network administrators and technology specialists work to ensure that District 67 and 115's technology infrastructure can meet the demands of 21st century learning. The Technology team is deeply committed to helping students, staff, and families navigate the technology that is used in the Districts. 

    Acceptable Use Policy

    Districts 67 and 115 recognize that electronic communication may be a useful tool for employee/student/parent communication about educational matters. The rise of new media and communication tools creates new opportunities for communication and collaboration; it also creates new responsibilities for District employees. In order to assure that electronic communications made by employees are appropriate and consistent with the goals and policies of the Districts, and to protect the welfare of both employees and students, the Districts expects its employees to adhere to the following policy regarding electronic communication, the use of social media, and the use of technology.

    For more information and to review the full Acceptable Use Policy (Policy 5:125) for each District, please use the buttons below:

    District 67 POLICY 5:125

    DISTRICT 115 POLICY 5:125

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