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  • District 115 and District 67 are committed to having a safe and efficient student transportation program available to their students.

    Transportation is fee-based, and bus routes are established to serve the greatest number of students with maximum safety and efficiency.

    Bus passes and/or student ID cards will be distributed to students after school pictures have been taken. These passes/IDs must be shown when boarding the bus. Detailed information regarding student behavioral rules and regulations is available online.

    Routes will vary somewhat from year to year, and changes may be necessary after the schedule has been put into operation. An emergency route system will be employed on a temporary basis if regular routes are unsafe or impassable.

    Parents are required to provide transportation whenever children are detained or expected to come before school for disciplinary or other reasons. Also, if a student is temporarily disabled due to an illness or injury, that child’s bus stop may be temporarily adjusted as long as other bus stops on the route are not delayed and the bus arrival time to school is not affected. Parents of a child with a temporary disability are to contact Jennifer Hermes, Chief Operating Officer / CSBO at 847-604-7402 to request special arrangements.

    Students should be at their stop at least ten minutes before the bus is to arrive and wait in an orderly manner. We ask your cooperation in developing safe habits for coming to and returning from school, and reserve the right to deny bus privileges to any student who does not exercise proper behavior.

    Please be aware that the district reserves the right to utilize video/audio recordings on buses to monitor and maintain a safe environment.

     NOTE: Parents cannot board a school bus for any reason. Complaints or questions must be filed with the principal or transportation coordinator.

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