About Lake Forest High School

  • What Makes Us Different

    Lake Forest High School is a high-performing district on the North Shore of Lake Michigan.

    Our students receive excellent instruction from our teachers and 95% of our students go on to higher-level education. We emphasize outstanding delivery of instruction and are looking for innovative teachers who have multiple endorsements and who are passionate about teaching. These individuals must be committed to departmental collaboration and value an atmosphere of academic freedom.

    At Lake Forest High School – we recognize we are different. Individualism has a true meaning. Our students receive personal support from teachers, coaches, administrators, and from each other. They develop relationships with the faculty that last not only beyond the school day, but beyond graduation day. Relationships that are based upon mutual respect, positive reinforcement, and high expectations are routine – not exceptions. There is a true sense of community, whether it’s custodians supporting student athletics at sporting events, or teachers spending their own time working with a student who is struggling in class or in life.

    • Established  1935
    • Type  Public secondary
    • Grades  9–12
    • Location  1285 N. McKinley Rd., Lake Forest, Illinois, USA
    • Campus  Suburban
    • Colors  Royal blue and gold
    • Mascot  Scouts

    Illinois School Report Card

    * Illinois School Report Cards are updated in the fall.

    Our Public School Partners

    Lake Forest Community High School (District 115) serves Lake Forest, Lake Bluff and Knollwood.

    Elementary students in Lake Forest attend District 67. Elementary students from Lake Bluff and Knollwood attend Lake Bluff District 65.

LFHS Fight Song!

  • Play it while you sing along!

    Cheer, cheer for Lake Forest High
    the school whose spirit never dies.

    Cheer for the team that has made it famous in the years gone by
    and we will cheer for the blue and the gold,
    the colors ever wave on high.

    So let’s add to the score and win here once more,
    come on and fight Lake Forest High.

  • acedemiclogoon

    Abeunt Studia in Mores, inscribed in stone over the main entrance, is the Lake Forest High School motto. Literally translated from the Latin it would read: Abeunt (“they leave” or “they go away from”), Studia (“eagerness, fondness, desire, striving after, devotion to, or “zeal”), in (“in” or “into”) and Mores (“morality, philosophy,” or “ethics”). Hence, it could be translated to read:

    “They leave, striving after morality.”

    "Pursuits (studies) become habits"