D115 Strategic Plan

  • Milestone 1: Achievement - LFHS is nationally recognized for achieving significant intellectual, social, and emotional growth for every student.

    Milestone 2: Instruction - Instruction is highly differentiated, inquiry-based, and driven by students.

    Milestone 3: Assessment - LFHS’ innovative assessments promote risk-taking, perseverance, and encourage social-emotional growth.

    Milestone 4: Talent - The District attracts and retains the highest-quality talent who are exemplars in the field of learning; investing in continuous development which is timely, meaningful and job-embedded.

    Milestone 5: Partnership - Effective, transparent and proactive communication fosters a high trust partnership among the Board, faculty, staff, parents and the community.

    Milestone 6: Environment - Re-imagined learning spaces, places, time, tools and technology are used inside and outside the classroom to enhance the learning experience for all students

District 115 Strategic Planning Committee 2022-2023

  • Preparing every student for lifelong learning is hard work, but we believe it will make a lasting difference for them - and for our District. When our Strategic Plan reflects the perspective of our community leaders, our school system can activate our Portrait of a Learner in each classroom. 

    The Strategic Plan Design Team will meet three times to provide feedback to the District through the strategic planning process: 

    • Meeting #1: Thursday, October 6 – 8:30-10:30am

    • Meeting #2: Thursday, November 3 – 1:00-3:00pm

    • Meeting #3: Tuesday, January 10 – 8:30-10:30am

    Strategic Planning Team Members:

    Board of Education Members

    Jenny Zinser, Board President
    Sally Davis, Board Vice President
    Dewey Winebrenner, Board Secretary
    David Burns
    John Noble
    Marcus Schabacker
    John Venson

    District 115 Administrators

    Matt Montgomery, Superintendent
    Melissa Oakley, Chief Communications Officer
    Julia Polszakiewicz, Communications Manager
    Erin Lenart, LFHS Princpal
    Rachel Abel
    Kristen Carlson
    Stephen Dunn
    Joey Kowalik
    Ashleigh Malec
    Patrick Sassen
    Jeff Summy
    Alan Wahlert

    D115 Staff Member

    Corey Holmer
    Phil LaScala
    Kelly MacBlane
    Daniel Maigler
    Katie Pausch
    Nicole Tantillo

    District 115 Parents

    Kristen Casey
    Jeff Folker
    Susan Goeks
    Brad Harper
    James Hayes
    Gregory Nikitas
    Yuh Schabacker-Koppel
    Derek Sherman
    Keith Stohlgren
    Sheana Wolter
    Atif Yardimci
    Emmanuelle Delgleize
    Tomas Fencl
    Ann Kiesling
    Catherine Mills
    Maggie Roeck
    Brent Stauffer
    Rachel Whidden
    Jeffrey Wright
    Michelle Glyman
    Megan Engelberg

    District 115 Student

    Maeve Camoletto

    District 115 Community Member

    Catherine Grey