• Voter Information

    This information is provided from the Office of the Lake County Clerk website.

    Voter registration allows qualified voters to participate in the electoral process and exercise one of their most basic rights.

    Illinois does not have a political party registration system. However, in a primary election, you must select one political party ballot to vote or request a non-partisan ballot (public questions only) if available. You have the freedom to change your party choice in each primary election.

    As a result of growth in Lake County, implementation of the National Voter Registration Act (Motor Voter), Grace Registration on Election Day, and online voter registration the number of registered voters in Lake County has increased to an all time high of over 460,000 voters! We process an average of nearly 1,200 applications each week.

    Am I Registered to Vote?

    Verify your voter registration status on our Voter Power page.

    Voter Power Login Screen

    Who Can Register?

    To register to vote you must:

    • Be a United States citizen,
    • Be at least 18 years of age on or before the next election (17 year old residents may register and vote in primaries if 18th birthday occurs on or before date of the next general or consolidated election),
    • Live in your election precinct at least 30 days immediately prior to an election,
    • Not be convicted and in jail, and
    • Not claim the right to vote anywhere else.

    Two forms of identification are required to register through a deputy registrar, both showing current name and one showing current physical Lake County street address.

    When Can I Register?

    If you need to update your record or register for the first time, voter registration is open all year except for the 27 days preceding an election, and it reopens the second day following an election. After voter registration closes, Grace Period Registration begins 27 days before any election, and you are required to vote at the time of your registration. Form to complete online, print, and mail to the Lake County Clerk's office.

    How Can I Register?

    While voter registration is open, you can register in-person, online, or by mail.


    You can register in-person at:

    • The Lake County Clerk’s office, 18 N. County Street, Waukegan during weekday business hours,
    • The Illinois Secretary of State Driver Services Facility when there for other services,
    • Most municipal or township offices,
    • Most libraries,
    • Precinct committeemen, or
    • Qualified civic organizations.

    Find a location in our brochure, Official Places of Voter Registration or look for a poster at a municipal building, library, or deputy registrar event.


    Online voter registration is available at Illinois State Board of Elections’ website (ova.elections.IL.gov) until 16 days prior to any election in Illinois.

    You must provide:

    • Valid Illinois Driver’s License or Illinois State ID number,
    • Last four digits of Social Security number
    • Date the license or identification was issued, AND
    • Your birth date.

      Illinois State Board of Elections online registration Opens in new window

    By Mail 

    Completed applications must be postmarked or delivered to the Lake County Clerk’s office 28 days prior to Election Day. If your identity cannot be verified or sufficient proof of identity is not provided with your application, you must vote in-person the first time and present valid identification before a ballot is issued.

    Mail-In Voter Registration Form - download PDF to complete and print for mailing.