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  • Our Story: Over 40 Years of Giving

    What is the Spirit of 67 Foundation and what do we do?

    The Spirit of 67 Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, founded in 1985 by a group of visionary parents and community members interested in funding excellence in Lake Forest schools. The tradition of enriching and supporting District 67 schools continues almost forty years later.

    The Spirit is proud to serve as a partner in education to Cherokee, Everett and Sheridan Elementary Schools (K-4) and Deer Path Middle School (5-8) where funds are raised and resources are acquired in order to provide enriching, educational and cultural experiences that might not otherwise be provided.

    Our fiscal year starts July 1st, and we fundraise by accepting donations and holding special events throughout the year, fostering the community, giving and supporting the local schools.  The Grant Cycle starts in January/February with staff, students, administration, and community members submitting grant applications to support student learning.  The applications are evaluated by committee members and, using funds which were raised during the year, award grants to the lucky recipients in April.   

    Since its founding, the Spirit has funded almost 800 unique grants totaling over $6.5 million to support excellence in our schools; providing curricular enhancements, resources & tools that enrich the educational experiences of all of our students.  

    This lasting legacy is due to our dedicated volunteers, the generosity of district families and the commitment of local businesses, community members and corporations to support the mission of the Spirit.

    Throughout their education in the district, students benefit from grants in language arts, fine arts, wellness, STEAM, social & emotional learning, wellness, science, social studies and world language.  Some recent grants include supplementing the new science labs with hands-on science engagements, visiting author and scientist programs, AR/VR technology and library enhancements.

    The Spirit of 67 Foundation Grants bring to life innovative ideas and educational dreams, enhancing the educational experiences of EVERY STUDENT, IN EVERY SCHOOL, EVERY DAY!



    The Spirit of 67 Foundation Board of Directors is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization that raises funds to provide enriching educational and cultural experiences for the students, parents, faculty and staff of District 67 that might not otherwise be provided.

    A special thank you to our board members who work every day to forward the mission of the Spirit.

    There are many ways you can get involved in the work of the Spirit of 67 Foundation. We are always seeking dedicated, hard-working and enthusiastic volunteers to join us. You can volunteer to help out with one of our special events, serve on an event committee or serve on the board. If you are interested in learning more about the organization, please reach out to one of our board members or submit a volunteer form.


  • Spirit of 67 History

    1985 - Founded

    1986 - First Grants Awarded (Fine
             Arts and Visiting Author)

    1995 - Spirit of Science Campaign

    2000 - Spirit of the Games Campaign
            100 Grants Awarded

    2002 - $1 Million in Grants Awarded

    2003 - First Home Tour

    2004 - 200 Grants Awarded

    2007 - $2 Million in Grants Awarded

    2008 - 300 Grants Awarded

    2011 - $3 Million in Grants Awarded
            400 Grants Awarded

    2014 - 500 Grants Awarded

    2015 - $4 Million in Grants Awarded

    2016 - First Founders Grants

    2018 - Crosstown Contest Started
            $5 Million in Grants Awarded
            600 Grants Awarded

    2020 - 700 Grants Awarded

    2022 - $6 Million in Grants Awarded
            Over 750 Grants Awarded
            75% of families Donate!

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