• The English Department strives to create an environment and a curriculum that will foster life-long reading, writing, and learning as attainable goals for both students and teachers.

    All freshman, sophomore, and junior courses share common elements and approaches, even as the literature selections and thematic strands of study may vary from course to course.

    • Shared Literature is the study of required texts at each grade level with the inclusion of literature reflecting multicultural and diverse perspectives.
    • Reading Workshop rounds out the students’ reading experience, offering the opportunity to pursue titles and authors of their own choosing.
    • Analysis Writing springs from the literature and reflects student growth in critical thinking and writing competency over time.
    • Writing Workshop is a student-centered writing program focusing on self-selected topics and offering instruction in writing technique and regular feedback from peer and teacher audiences. Each student produces, in addition to other forms of assessments, a culminating portfolio, an authentic demonstration of his or her growth over time.