• Our Mission

    The Science Department encourages students to explore all areas of science rather than concentrate two or three years in one discipline. Depending upon qualifications and interest, students may enroll in an honors or AP course in one subject area and a college prep level in another. All science courses include related laboratory work. Students who participate in the diverse science curriculum at Lake Forest High School will develop the understandings and habits of mind they need to become scientifically literate and to participate in the decision-making processes required by our society.

    The Science Department encourages students to explore different areas of science over the course of their academic careers in order to develop a well-rounded understanding of the natural world. All science courses include inquiry-based investigations and labs, hands-on experimentation and modeling, data analysis, and scientific research. Using critical thinking skills and collaborative practices, students integrate processes and concepts in real world contexts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Each course fosters the development of these STEM skills and competencies to encourage college, career and life readiness and is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.