College Visits

  • Colleges Looking to Schedule a Visit

    Admissions officers who would like to schedule a visit can do so at:

    Procedure for Juniors and Seniors to Attend a College Visit

    Each year over 200 college admissions officers visit LFHS. The purpose of their visit is to give students more detailed information regarding that college as well as information about the admissions and application process. Since the admissions officer may be the one reading your application, this is a great opportunity for you to not only learn more about the school, but also make that personal connection which can be an important first step. The format of these visits may be either question and answer sessions or more formal presentations and will depend on the number of students present.

    The visits, which are open to Juniors and Seniors, require advance registration through Naviance Student. A comprehensive list of all scheduled visits is currently available in Naviance, however the list of schools visiting continues to grow each day, so students are encouraged to check this site regularly for additions and updates. While some high schools limit the number of in-school visits you may attend, here at LFHS that is not the case. As long as you register to attend the visit and get permission from your teacher or study hall supervisor, you may sign up to attend as many visits as you like. The sign-up process is listed below:

    How to sign up for an in-school college visit:


    • Click on the Colleges Home tab
    • Scroll down to College Visits and click on Show More
    • Locate the College/University visiting LFHS that you want to attend
    • Click on Register Now
    • You must sign up at least one day in advance to secure a spot
    • If you have study hall, lunch or a free period, you must still sign up
    • Please note: you are responsible for getting permission from your teacher and any work that was assigned in class that day

    College Fairs

    Each year there are a number of college fairs held in the Chicago area that are open to LFHS students. These fairs are another opportunity for students to connect with admissions representatives and learn more about each college.

    College Fairs