General Scholarship Information

  • Scholarships received in the College and Career Resource Center will be posted on Naviance. Students wishing to pursue scholarship opportunities can access them through the “Scholarship List” on Naviance. When highlighted, each scholarship will provide more detailed information, including links to the application.

    Juniors and Seniors

    School Specific Nominations

    Seniors seeking a nomination for one of the highly selective “College Specific” scholarships listed below must apply to the college and cannot be applying Early Decision to any college. They need to submit a résumé to their counselor that includes their GPA and test scores in addition to a listing of activities, community service involvement, leadership positions held and awards received. Since students may be considered for more than one scholarship they should indicate their top three choices in order of preference and list them in the body of the email or on a cover letter. A scholarship committee will meet to evaluate the applications and select the nominee(s) they feel best meet the ideals of each scholarship. All students will be notified by the scholarship committee if they were selected for a scholarship nomination. Below are the dates to submit your résumé for consideration.

    JUNE 1, 2023 (Juniors)
    University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill-Morehead Cain (2)

    SEPTEMBER 1, 2023 (Seniors)
    Davidson College-Lowell Bryan Scholarship for Athletes (all sports except Football & M/W Basketball) (3)

    OCTOBER 1, 2023 (Seniors)
    Davidson College-John Montgomery Belk Scholarship (1)             
    Indiana University-Wells Scholarship (2)                                              
    University of Virginia-Jefferson Scholars Program (1)

    (#) Indicates how many students we can nominate for each of the scholarships listed above

    Local Scholarships

    These scholarships are available for graduating LFHS seniors and are awarded annually at the Honors Night ceremony in May. Available scholarships include service to the school (APT), Music (Applause), Theater (PALS), Latin Club; scholarships for students majoring in Art or Education; scholarships for students who have a passion for reading; who write independently; and who demonstrate “Good Character” and “Generosity of Spirit.” Additionally, a number of community organizations offer numerous scholarships including the American Legion, Friends of LF Library, Junior Garden Club of Lake Forest, LF-LB Lion’s Club, LF Preservation Foundation and both the Lake Bluff and Lake Forest Women’s Clubs. These scholarships are awarded in recognition of community service involvement, leadership, financial need and academic achievement.

    Applications are available both in Naviance and on the link to the right.

    All Students

    There are two memorial scholarships that are available for any Lake Forest High School students who are interested in attending a summer program and/or GAP Year program. The two scholarships are listed below along with the specific criteria for both.

    The Ellie Burns Foundation will provide a scholarship to a deserving student to attend a summer or fall outdoor adventure, education and/or community service program offered by 501(c)(3) exempt organizations, such as Outward Bound, Inc., National Outdoors Leadership School (“NOLS”), Overland, Rustic Pathways or any other 501(c)(3) exempt organization approved by the Scholarship Selection Committee. The scholarship awarded will be up to $6000 and will be paid directly to the organization offering the program on behalf of the scholarship recipient. Applications will be available November 1 and can be accessed on Naviance, the counselor’s office and Room 103A. 

    The Christopher Martinat Memorial Scholarship will fully fund the tuition for a month-long NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) experience in the Rocky Mountains for one selected student. Interested applicants must be at least 16 years of age and a resident of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff or Knollwood. Applications will be available February 1 and can be accessed on Naviance, the counselor’s office and Room 103A.