Policies and Procedures

  • Board Policies

    A complete set of Board Policies can be found in the Board Policy Manual available online and in the District Office. For questions regarding policies or procedures and their application, please contact the Office of the Superintendent, 847-604-7401.

District Procedures

  • Attendance

  • Classroom/Party Snack Policy PreK-8 Pilot

  • Early Entrance

  • Educational Records: Parental and Student Rights

  • Information Regarding Student Accounts or Profiles on Social Networking Sites

  • Insurance

  • Nondiscrimination

  • Notice of Special Educational Services for Exceptional Children

  • Parental Questions, Concerns, or Inquiries

  • Permissive Transfers

  • Restraint, Time Out, and Isolated Time Out Plan

  • Transfer from Lake Forest Schools

  • Visitor Management