Adopted June 24, 2014

Developing compassionate, confident

and accomplished students


To inspire the passion to learn, the insight to know oneself, and the courage to make a difference.


LFHS will be the leader in developing every student’s capacity, character, and confidence to make a difference in their world.


We believe:

  • Every student has an incredible capacity to learn. Our responsibility is to create an environment that maximizes the possibility for each student’s growth – including the willingness to take risks and learn from mistakes
  • Our school is only as good as its teachers and therefore we must develop, invest in, and retain passionate and committed teachers and staff
  • Students thrive when they are actively engaged in solving problems that matter and when we support them socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually
  • Respect is the keystone for all of our work. We demonstrate this as members of a learning community and operate with high integrity at all times



Areas of Progress



LFHS is nationally recognized for achieving significant intellectual, social, and emotional growth for every student.


Instruction is highly differentiated, inquiry-based, and driven by students.

Assessment Assessment LFHS’ innovative assessments promote risk-taking, perseverance, and encourage social-emotional growth.

The District attracts and retains the highest-quality talent who are exemplars in the field of learning; investing in continuous development which is timely, meaningful and job-embedded.

Partnership Effective, transparent and proactive communication fosters a high trust partnership among the Board, faculty, staff, parents and community.
Environment Re-imagined learning spaces, places, time, tools and technology are used inside and outside the classroom to enhance the learning experience for all students.