Lake Forest School District 67 and Lake Forest Community High School District 115 practice Integrated Pest Management, a program that combines preventative techniques, non-chemical pest control methods, and the appropriate use of pesticides with a preference for products that are least harmful to human health and the environment. The term “pesticide” includes insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, and fungicides.

The School Districts maintain a registry of people who wish to be notified prior to pesticide applications. To be included in this registry, please email Carol White at and you will be notified prior to the use of pesticides. Please specify if you want to be contacted by phone or email.

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Reporting a Concern

Confidential Reporting Tool

Safety is a top priority at Lake Forest High School. The Confidential  Reporting Tool (CRT) is an internal notification system designed to alert school officials about potential threats at LFHS. Students can access this resource on their Chromebooks, or in the Student Portal of the LFHS Homepage. The Confidential Reporting Tool empowers LFHS students to become active stakeholders in the safety, security and well-being of Lake Forest High School.

The CRT can be used to report any of the following situations:

  • School Violence or Threats
  • Weapons
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Drug activity
  • Other issues affecting LFHS students

When a report is received, a School Administrator will evaluate the concern and take action to address the issue. Students are not required to provide their names in order to make a report. Submissions are only monitored during normal school hours.

In the event of an emergency after hours, or away from campus, students should contact local authorities.

To discuss a situation directly with a school administrator, please call (847) 234-3600.

Please note: The Confidential Reporting Tool is not a replacement for "Text-A-Tip." The CRT is an in-house program monitored and managed by LFHS Administrators. Students interested in contacting a Licensed Clinical Social Worker should continue to use the “Text-A-Tip” App.  

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