Policies and Procedures

Below is a list of the most commonly referenced board policies. You can view this information in the District Handbook, which can be downloaded from the Registration Page of this website. A complete set of Board Policies can be found in the Board Policy Manual available online and in the District Office.

For questions regarding policies or procedures and their application, please contact the Office of the Superintendent, 847-604-7401.


Community Relations - Visitors to and Conduct on School Property (Board Policy 8:30)
Ethics and Gift Ban (Board Policy 2:105)
Homework (Board Policy 6:290)
Students - Appearance (Board Policy 7:160)
Students - Attendance and Truancy (Board Policy 7:70)
Students - Bus Conduct (Board Policy 7:220)
Students - Expulsion Procedures (Board Policy 7:210)
Students - Harassment of Students Prohibited (Board Policy 7:20)
Students - Student Behavior (Board Policy 7:190)
Students - Suspension Procedures (Board Policy 7:200)
Students - Vandalism (Board Policy 7:170)