D115 Board Committees

2020-2021School Year

Meeting dates, agendas, and minutes will be posted as soon as they are available.

Due to COVID-19 developments in Illinois, Governor Pritzker issued an Executive Order to suspend physical presence requirements under the Open Meetings Act (OMA) to all public bodies across the state. Therefore, ALL Lake Forest High School District 115 Board of Education and Committee Meetings will be held virtually.

Ad Hoc Committees

Parent/Teacher Advisory and Behavioral Interventions Committee

Committee Charter


Compensation Committee

Committee Members:

Dewey Winebrenner, Chair, Board Member
Tom Nemickas, Board Member
Jenny Zinser, Board Member

Joint Meeting Agenda 10.14.20
Joint Meeting Agenda 11.17.20

Joint Meeting Agenda 1.6.21

Minutes 10.14.20
Recording 11.17.20
Minutes 11.17.20
Recording 1.6.21

Education Committee

Committee Charter
Meeting Dates

Committee Members:

Tom Nemickas, Chair, Board Member
Jenny Zinser, Board Member
Dewey Winebrenner, Board Member        
Gail Gamrath, Community Member
Tom Andreesen, Community Member
Roxanne Jamroz, Community Member
Brian Martin, Community Member

Agenda 10.15.20
Agenda 12.16.20

Minutes 10.15.20
Recording 12.16.20

Finance and Operations Committee

Committee Charter
Meeting Dates

Committee Members:

Sally Davis, Chair,  Board Member
Ted Moorman, Board Member
John Noble, Board Member
Mark Allen, Community Member
Casey Murray, Community Member
Bob Geldermann, Community Member

Agenda 10.23.20


JSSC Committee

Committee Members:

Sally Davis
David Lane

Agenda 11.19.20  

Policy Committee

Committee Members:

Ted Moorman, Chair
Dewey Winebrenner
Jenny Zinser

Joint Policy Mtg Agenda 9.4.20
Joint Policy Mtg Agenda 12.2.20

Joint Policy Mtg Agenda 1.12.21

Minutes 9.4.20
Recording 12.2.2020
Recording 1.12.2020