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Lake Forest Community High School District 115 and Lake Forest Elementary School District 67 are seeking an accomplished educational leader to serve as superintendent for both districts. The candidate must be a skilled integrator of resources, people, and perspectives. The two Boards are embarking on a search to identify an experienced individual who is prepared to meet our community in the moment, focusing on leadership, academic growth and achievement, social emotional wellbeing, and administrative acumen. With a goal of hiring the new superintendent in advance of the 2021-2022 school year, the two Districts have together established a timeline and are committed to a process that informs and engages the community every step of the way.

In a joint statement issued in January, District 67 Board President Justin Engelland and District 115 Board President David Lane acknowledged the significance of this effort, “We know that there is no more important role than leading the selection of a new Superintendent. Our shared commitment is to do so with rigor, inclusion, and transparency.“


The District 67 and 115 Boards aligned on an expedited process for retaining an executive search firm to assist in identifying and evaluating qualified candidates for superintendent. The Board Presidents created a Joint Ad Hoc Subcommittee consisting of three members from each Board who researched, vetted, and made a final recommendation to the joint Boards regarding the engagement of a search firm. Members of the Joint Ad Hoc Subcommittee were District 67 Board President Justin Engelland; District 67 Board members Richard Chun, and Suzanne Sands; and District 115 Board members Sally Davis, Dewey Winebrenner, and Jenny Zinser. Presentations by search firm candidates were made to the Ad Hoc Joint Subcommittee in an open session on January 21.


The District 67 and 115 Boards of Education agreed unanimously to engage a firm to lead the process for a nationwide superintendent search. Of the three competing firms, Hazard, Young, Attea and Associates (HYA) was chosen based on a strong presentation, deep expertise, national reach, and a history yielding nearly 1,400 successful searches. Ninety-four percent of the superintendents HYA has placed have stayed in their position for three years or more. Working with HYA, the Boards have agreed to structure their search in four phases:

ENGAGE | In the engage phase, we will gather public perspectives, involving stakeholders through an online survey, focus groups, interviews, and a culminating candidate forum.

RECRUIT | In the recruit phase, HYA has partnered with us to create a customized application, and will use its digital platforms to post the position. HYA is leveraging a network of more than 100 associates nationwide in identifying and recruiting candidates to match District 67 and District 115 needs. HYA will screen and conduct reference checks on all applicants, while top applicants will be given an initial 30-45 minute interview, followed by additional background searches that will be summarized in reports for the Board to review.

SELECT | In the select phase, HYA will meet with the Boards to provide an initial slate of  candidates. The Boards will conduct a first round of interviews with candidates they select. Once finalists have been determined, rigorous background checks will be conducted by Baker-Eubanks. The first part of the select phase is confidential and will take place in closed sessions. Final applicants will be announced to the community and will participate in a community forum. The Boards, along with District leaders and staff, will then conduct a second round of interviews with those candidates. Once a final candidate is selected and an agreement has been reached between the Districts and the candidate, the contract will be approved by the Boards in a joint, open session.

TRANSITION | In the transition phase, the confirmed candidate who is selected to serve as the next District 67 and DIstrict 115 superintendent will meet with the Boards to begin the process of moving forward together as a team.

If you have feedback you would like to share directly with HYA, please email HYA President Mr. Max McGee,


Our District 67 and 115 Boards of Education are eager to tailor the superintendent search to the specific needs of the Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood communities. In an effort to establish a candidate profile reflecting the priorities of all stakeholders, the District Boards are working with HYA to solicit public feedback.




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Key Dates

February 4, 2021

Community Survey Launch

February 11-18, 2021

Community Focus Groups

February 11, 2021

D67 Parent/Guardian Forum

February 12, 2021

D115 Parent/Guardian Forum

February 18, 2021

Community Forum

February 15, 2021

Survey Closes at 5 PM

March 1, 2021

Joint Special Boards of Education Meeting

March 9 , 2021

Joint Special Boards of Education Meeting

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Meet the Candidates Community Forum