LFHS Aquatic Center Parking Access:

  • East (back) parking lot (North End) of the school campus and ONLY in designated area
  • Front Entrance Driveway North end, Diagonal Parking Spaces ONLY
  • West parking lot (brick pavers) in front of the school's athletic wing

On school days ONLY the North End of the East (back) Parking Lot or the diagonal parking spaces on the front drive are available for Aquatic Center parking. After 3:20 pm on school days, Saturdays, Sundays and school holidays--including the summer months--the East and West lots are available.

To access the lots from McKinley Road - enter the school property from McKinley Road at the south end of the horseshoe drive (one way traffic)

  • To get to the East (back) Parking Lot - travel 1/3 of the way round the horseshoe drive and turn slightly to the right once you approach the building. Once past the building on the south drive, turn left at the stop sign and go to the farthest bank of spots that run along Spruce Ave. Handicap spaces are clearly marked in this lot just outside the Metcalf Foyer entrance. Enter the building through the northern-most door just at the top of the handicap access ramp. Signage will direct you to the locker rooms/pool.
  • To get to the West Parking Lot (brick pavers) on the west (front) side of the building - keep to the left when reaching the first curve in the horseshoe and go 2/3 of the way round the drive and you will see the diagonal parking spaces. Go a little further 3/4 of the way round the drive and turn right into the paver parking lot. You can park in any open space but must have proper ID to use the handicap spaces. The handicap spaces (paver lot) face the building just outside the south end of the pool portico. Enter the building and once inside, walk past the ramp and tall staircase on or left. You will see a longer ramp and a short staircase on your right--use either to gain access to the pool hallway and the appropriate locker rooms or the pool office.

Lake Forest High School Community Education Aquatics logo

The Aquatic Center bulletin board and associated links below and in the right column provide information related to the community swim program.

Lifeguards and Supervisors wanted.

Hours vary from
5:15-9:15 AM & 3:30-9:00 PM

If you are interested please visit this link!


To find out if the current public swim times are running,

please call the pool deck phone at 847-234-7261.There is no recorded message. Please let the phone ring a number of times as the staff could be on the opposite side of the pool and are unable to reach the phone quickly. If no one answers after numerous rings, you can assume that the pool is closed.

Aquatic Bulletin Board

LFHS Community Education Swim Program
Did you know that the high school pool is open to the general public for Family Swims and Lap Swimming? We have various memberships available. We offer a variety of classes for all ages, and we have a competitive swim club for age group swimmers, the Scout Aquatics Swim Club. Please check out the links in the boxes to the right for more detailed information.
The LFHS Aquatic Center is open for Adult and High School Lap Swim
Monday, Tuesday, Friday
Wednesday and Thursday
Monday - Thursday (evenings)
5:30am - 8:00am
5:30am - 8:45am
7:00am - 9:00am
7:15pm - 8:15pm
Family Swims
Saturdays 7:00am - 9:00m
Lap swim lanes are available during Family Swim times.
10-Use passes, Trimester and Annual passes are available.
During these sessions, LFHS students swim at no charge if they bring their current ID’s.
Occasionally the pool may be closed (other than the dates listed) or a program’s start time may be delayed due to school activities or other unforeseen circumstances. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding if you arrive and the pool is closed. Every attempt will be made to provide you with advance notice of any changes. Remember to always check the bulletin board across the hall from the pool office or look for posted notices around the locker rooms and at the sign-in table on deck.

You may always call the Scouts Aquatic Center Pool, 847-234-7261, during the scheduled public swim hours to confirm that the pool is currently open for public use.


Is there a Masters Swim Program here at LFHS?
Not yet, but........
If you are interested in swimming with other adults in a competitive setting, our Scout Aquatics Swim Club is looking for adult* swimmers interested in the possibility of starting a local Masters Swim Club. Contact: Carolyn Grevers:

*Age 18 years +

Description of Facility/Programs

The Lake Forest High School Aquatic Center pool is approximately 40 yards long and 20 yards wide with a moveable bulkhead. The competitive (north end) of the pool has 8 lanes that can be switched from 25 meters to 25 yards, and two one-meter diving boards. The shallow pool area (south end) can accommodate up to 6 additional 20 yard lanes. The facility is handicapped accessible with a portable chair lift and shallow end stairs. The facility locker rooms and deck are also accessible for handicapped users and spectators.

The pool depth ranges from 4 feet to 14 feet, and the pool holds approximately 450,000 gallons of water. The pool is heated with temperatures ranging from 78 – 82 degrees fahrenheit. The PH is maintained between 7.4 and 7.6, and the pool is disinfected with chlorine tablets at a rate of 1.0 – 1.5 ppm.

The pool is used before and after school for high school athletics and during school for Physical Education and Science classes. In the early morning and late evening hours and on weekends we provide the community with space for lap swimming and family swim times.
The pool can be rented and has been utilized in the past for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthday parties, girl and boy scout badge work and family reunions.

The Community Education Swim Program of LFHS also runs numerous other opportunities for fun and fitness in organized classes including:

  • A competitive age-group swim team – Scout Aquatics Swim Club
  • American Red Cross Lifeguard initial training and review sessions
  • American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor certification course

For more information contact the Aquatic Center Manager (847) 582-7323.

Family Swim Sessions


To find out of the current public swim times are running, please call the pool deck phone at 847-234-7261. There is no recorded message. Please let the phone ring a number of times as the staff could be on the opposite side of the pool and are unable to reach the phone quickly. If no one answers after numerous rings, you can assume that the pool is closed.


Lap swimming lanes will be available during these sessions:

Saturdays 7:00 - 9:00 am

If you are coming as a group with more than 10 participants, please call ahead.

Leave a message for Anna Colletti, Aquatic Center Manager at
(847) 582-7323.

You should call at least two weeks in advance so arrangements can be made to accommodate your party.

**During our Family Swim Sessions, children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult. A child may be unaccompanied in the water if they can swim 20 yards without a flotation device. A skill test will be administered by our staff. If a child is using a flotation device, an adult must accompany him/her in the water and the device must not be inflatable. We will provide a suitable device.

Lap Swim Sessions

To find out if the current public swim times are running, please call the pool deck phone at 847-234-7261. There is no recorded message. Please let the phone ring a number of times as the staff could be on the opposite side of the pool and are unable to reach the phone quickly. If no one answers after numerous rings, you can assume that the pool is closed.

Monday, Tuesday, Friday 5:30-8:00 am
Wednesday and Thursday 5:30 - 8:45 am
Saturday 7:00 - 9:00 am
Monday - Thursday (evenings) 7:15 - 8:15 pm
These sessions are for adults and high school students only.


During Family Swim sessions there are lanes available for lap swimming.

FYI: During most of the Community Education Swims that are scheduled, you will be sharing the pool with LFHS academic classes, athletic teams and other community education programs.

Pool Closings



This schedule does not yet include some school activities that may cause the pool to be shut down for an evening and it does not include home polo matches that may cause evening programs to either be canceled or delayed. As always, events can be added and schedules may change so this list will be updated as needed.


Day Date Time of Day
Monday Sept. 4 ALL DAY
Monday Oct. 9 ALL DAY
Wed.-Fri. Nov. 22-24 ALL DAY
Sat.-Tues. Dec. 23-26 ALL DAY
Sunday Dec. 31 ALL DAY
Monday Jan. 1 ALL DAY
Tuesday Jan. 15 ALL DAY
Sun.-Mon. May 27-28 ALL DAY

Additional information about pool closings
can be found here.

Pool Rules, Policies & Guidelines

LFHS Aquatic Center Guidelines and Policies
for Lap and Family Swims, and Rentals


Lap Swimming: If all lanes are full, share a lane. If there are 2 people in a lane, each stay on one side. If there are more than 2 in a lane, circle swim, stay to the right. Slower swimmers let faster ones pass you at the end of the lane by stopping to let them swim on by. We provide kick boards, fins, pull buoys and hand paddles for lap swimmers only. For water joggers or exercisers only, we provide noodles, weights, and buoyancy belts.

Family Swims/Rentals: Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Non-swimming children must be accompanied in the water even if they are wearing a flotation device. The Aquatic Center has flotation devices for public use by non-swimmers. We do not allow any inflatable flotation devices. A child can be unaccompanied in the water if they can pass a swim skill test administered by the staff. The test is a 20 yard swim, swum at the surface of the water on the stomach without stopping, standing or hanging onto the side or a lane line. Water basketball hoop(s) and ball(s) are provided during family swims and rentals. If you wish to bring other toys, they must be approved by the supervisor, but we ask that there be no water-gun type toys.

Groups of 10 or more participants must call the Aquatic Center Manager (847)582-7323 at least two weeks in advance to make arrangements.

The pool is handicapped accessible with a portable lift and stairs in the shallow end. Locker rooms and deck access is also available for pool users and spectators.

We have four locker rooms adjacent to the pool. Please use the appropriate locker room – signs are posted. Lockers are available, but you must bring your own lock and your belongings must be removed daily. We do not provide suits, towels or toiletries.


Guidelines For Your Safety and Protection:

  • Obey all staff requests and enjoy your swim.
  • Individuals with contagious conditions are not allowed to swim.
  • Individuals not toilet trained or who have bowel control issues must wear tight-fitting rubber or plastic pants or an approved “swim diaper."
  • The following are prohibited:
    • Swimming under the bulkhead
    • Diving into water less than 9 feet deep
    • Hanging from the diving boards
    • Running in any pool area
    • Walking in dirty street shoes in the locker rooms or on the pool deck
    • Eating or drinking in the locker rooms or on the pool deck
    • Glass containers
    • Inflatable flotation devices or toys
    • Squirt guns, water pistols or similar toys

Diving Rules:

  • One person on a board at a time
  • Dive only when the area beneath the board is clear
  • Only one bounce on the board before take off
  • Go off the board from your feet only
  • Go straight off the end of the board, swim to the nearest ladder and exit at the ladder
  • When diving off the side of the pool, do so only in the designated areas. Check with the supervisor on duty prior to diving off the side of the pool.

Pool-Use Fees

Cost to Swim On A Daily Basis
Resident Adult
Child & Senior Citizen $6.00
Non-Resident Adult
Child & Senior Citizen $11.00
There is NO CHARGE for children under the age of 3.
Patrons are considered "Adults" once they are past high
school, and they are considered "Senior Citizens" once they
reach the age of 62. You must live in Lake Forest, Lake Bluff
or Knollwood to qualify for the resident rate.

(LFHS students must bring their current ID to the pool
and leave it with the "On Duty” staff while they swim)

Individual Swim Pass (AQA-IA) Resident
Senior Citizen (at or above 62) (AQA-SA) Resident
Family Swim Pass (AQA-FA) Resident $504 Non-Resident
Annual pass holders - your initial pay date is your renewal date in the next calendar year. All pass holders please remember you must pay the appropriate daily fee for any guest(s) that join you.




Winter 1/1 - 4/30 (AQW-) Summer 5/1 - 8/31 (AQS-) Fall 9/1 - 12/31 (AQF-)
Individual Resident



Individual Non-Resident



Family Resident



Family Non-Resident





Passes Available Course Code March & April
July & August
Nov & Dec
Individual Resident

$ 70

$ 40

$ 70



$ 90

Family Resident


$ 70






10-USE Passes (AQ10U) are available:
$60 for Residents; $110 for Non-Residents.

Swim passes can now be purchased on line with Master Card
or Visa at (click on any Pay fees Online link, then click Community Ed Swim Program, then Public Swim Passes)

Directions to Aquatic Center

1285 N. McKinley Road
Lake Forest, Illinois 60045

From the north or the south on Route 43, Route 41, or Green Bay Road, travel to Deerpath Road in Lake Forest then travel east

From I-294/I-94 Tri-State Tollway - Exit on East Route 60, continue east turning left onto Route 43 and travel north to Deerpath Road

Once at Deerpath Road, travel east on Deerpath through downtown Lake Forest, cross the Metra tracks and turn left onto McKinley Road (the street just east of the train tracks). Travel about 1 mile north. Make sure to continue north through the three way stop light a few blocks north of Deerpath.

The school driveway will be just a few feet north of Noble Ave. on your right; turn right onto the horseshoe drive

Parking Instructions:

The Parking area available for the LFHS Aquatic Center is the North (brick paver) Lot in front of the pool. Enter the school property off of McKinley Road at the south end of the horseshoe drive and travel 3/4 of the way around the horseshoe and turn right into the parking lot.

Park in any open space, with the exception of the handicap spaces (unless you have a handicap placard or license plate.) The handicap spaces are located facing the building in the southeast corner of the lot and are lined up with the red area of cement on the sidewalk.
There is now one sidewalk connecting the parking lot to the building just north of the pool. Enter the building there and, once inside the building, travel up the ramp on the left (if you can not manage stairs) and come back through the Metcalf Foyer to the pool hallway or travel up the short stairway on your right to the pool hallway.



Credit Card registrations (Master Card, Discover, and Visa Only) for swim passes and classes are accepted On-Line Only by clicking this Pay Fees On-Line link . If you have a credit from a previous session or are a staff person who wishes to register, please contact Anna Colletti, Aquatic Center Manager, prior to registering, by phone at 847-582-7323 or by e-mail at You may also register for passes and classes by check or cash. Just drop off the payment and registration form(s) at the Main, Athletic or Pool Offices of LFHS during operating hours, or you may mail registrations paid for by check to: Lake Forest High School Community Education Swim Program Attention: Anna Colletti, 1285 N. McKinley Road, Lake Forest, IL 60045