Business Services/Contracts

Lake Forest School District 67 & Lake Forest High School District 115 participate in a shared services agreement to provide greater articulation within curriculum while increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs.

The shared Business Services Department for District 67 and District 115 is responsible for the fiscal and operational management for the districts, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, employee benefits, facilities management, financial projections, food service, insurance, payroll, purchasing, residency and transportation.

Please note while District 67 and District 115 participate in a shared services agreement, each district is a separate legal entity.

Financial reports and documents for District 67 and District 115 are organized below. To learn more about school finance, we recommend you view the document, Understanding School Finance, published by the Illinois Association of School Boards.

Financial Reports and Documents

Business Services

Dr. Jennifer Hermes

Chief Operating Officer/CSBO

Tanya Dornik

Administrative Assistant to Chief Operating Officer

Katie Labuhn

Director of Fiscal Services/CSBO

Michael Sanchez

Business Services Coordinator

Lisa Gillespie

Systems Administrator

Natalia Martinez

Business Services Specialist (Student Fees)

Kari Steinhaus

Payroll Coordinator

Katy Strickling

Business Office Generalist

Crystal Edwards

Staff Accountant

Employment Verification

We are dedicated to protecting our employees’ information. For this reason, we use Verifent to confirm verification of employment and/or verification of income (VOE/VOI) requests are legitimate, and a valid permissible purpose exists as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Verifiers seeking employment and/or income information for our employees must submit VOE/VOI requests through Verifent.

Read More about Employment Verification