District 115 Information

Lake Forest High School Communication Department utilizes several communication methods to help LFHS families and the community stay informed.

These include this website, the parent E-newsletter “HIGHLIGHTS," press releases to various newspaper/magazine publications, and an Instant Alert telephone system.

The Lake Forest High School newsletter “HIGHLIGHTS” provides LFHS families with frequently scheduled information that is timely and informative about LFHS regarding Board of Education, Class News, Department News (Athletics/Academics/Community Education/Student Services (Academic Advising, Testing, College Resources, Student Clubs, Service-Volunteer opportunities)/Parent Opportunities/Performances. Weekly E-News updates are also sent. Information found in the newsletter will also be posted on this website and when appropriate, will be included in press releases. Postings to www.lfhs.org reflect the same news that is acceptable for the HIGHLIGHTS newsletter.

While we recognize that there are many worthwhile opportunities for the community at large that may involve or be of interest to the high school community, we are not able to acknowledge requests for publicity that do not relate directly to a school event and/or student involvement.

Individuals/Organizations who have publicity requests of this type should feel free to contact local newspaper/magazine publishers including but not limited to:


Best Practices & Guidelines for Social Media Use

The official Facebook pages and Twitter account for District 115 are intended to provide information for students, teachers, staff, parents, community members and other stakeholders.The District welcomes a healthy two-way dialogue with the District 115 community. However, personal insults against any individual – whether the individual is an employee, student, parent, Board member, or other person – are strictly prohibited. We strongly encourage all comments to be phrased respectfully, factually and constructively.

School-sponsored groups or District affiliates wishing to promote their organization or event must be approved by the Communications Department in order to do so.

If you have a question for a specific employee, please contact them directly via their email, phone, or written correspondence. Should you require a response from the School District or wish to request services you must call 847-235-9657.

Comments Guidelines

      Be respectful. Personal attacks or derogatory comments aimed at specific individuals, employees or students are not permitted.
      Be polite. Avoid language that is abusive or inappropriate, including remarks that are racist, sexist, sexually explicit or obscene. The District reserve the right to remove these postings.
      Be relevant. District 115 accounts are for sharing news and information regarding district, school, and school-sponsored activities, events, and information. Do not post comments that advertise or promote a product or service. Spam and commercial advertisements or political endorsement will be deleted.
      Be factual. Blatantly inaccurate, libelous or false information will be removed.


Please note that all comment postings are at the discretion of the page administrator. District 115 reserves the right to remove any fan that posts material that falls into any of the above categories and they will not be allowed to participate.

Any communication sent or received by District 115 is a public record and may be subject to inspection or copying under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).


Anne Whipple

Communications Consultant Whipple Communications Consulting K-12

Janice Patterson

Communications Assistant
(Website, Social Media)