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The majority of our school and district communications are sent electronically. Therefore it is important that all our parents are subscribed to our email lists. By using the link on this page, or during InfoSnap registration, parents will be subscribed to receive weekly school newsletters and other important school and district announcements, including those from our affiliate parent organizations (APT and Spirit of 67 Foundation).

  • Please check the box next to the grade level and school each of your students attend.
Community Lists

Community members and other school stakeholders may subscribe to any of the lists below to receive information about our schools and district.

  • Key Communicators: For any school stakeholder who would like to receive periodic information regarding our District.
  • Realtors: For any Real Estate Professional or Relocation Agent who would like to receive information about our schools and District that may be helpful to you and your clients.
  • Board Report: To subscribe to the District 67 Board of Education e-newsletter.
  • Spirit of 67 Foundation Newsletter: For community members and other stakeholders who would like to receive information from this organization.

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Communications Consultant
Whipple Communications Consulting

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Communications Assistant K-12
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Community Flyers / Information

To submit flyers for distribution to our schools, visit the Green Backpack page of our website