Gifted and Advanced Learners


The mission of Lake Forest School District 67 is to inspire and empower all students to maximize their growth as learners and develop a balanced sense of self, steadfast resiliency, and deep respect for others.


An innovative learning community that educates without boundaries – where all students cultivate their minds, create enduring connections and discover their passions


The District's Instruction Milestone states that instruction is highly differentiated and inquiry-based, driven by students' needs, interests and passions

Philosophy of Advanced Learning

District 67 personnel are committed to the educational vision that recognizes the value, needs, and talents of each child and strives to assist children in reaching their full potential.  Therefore, we realize that students who consistently exceed grade level benchmarks, need learning tasks that continue to drive their learning forward in a significant way.

District 67 recognizes the diverse academic and social/emotional needs of the gifted child. In response to these needs, we provide a curriculum which is differentiated in pace, depth, and content level, where both enrichment and acceleration are possible.  Through the curriculum, academic environment, and various support services, our teachers work to foster a desire within their students for academic excellence, the confidence to take risks, a sense of responsibility, and a healthy self-concept.