Mandarin Language Program

Year of the Ox

District 67 offers a K-4 Mandarin language program at Cherokee Elementary School. Students who live in the Sheridan and Everett areas may request a permissive transfer to attend Cherokee for Mandarin instruction. (For more information about permissive transfers, visit the District Policies and Procedures page. District transportation may be provided to attendees for a fee as the program is only offered at one school.) Students have the option of joining the Mandarin program in kindergarten or first grade. Deer Path Middle School provides Advanced Mandarin classes for students who choose to continue learning Mandarin in fifth grade.

At Cherokee, Mandarin instruction is provided daily for 30-60 minutes per day. Students in the Mandarin program learn to read, write, speak, and listen to the Mandarin language through integrated units that incorporate social studies concepts and Chinese language arts. Inspired by authentic opportunities to use another language, students will acquire skills that will allow them to communicate linguistically and socially in a setting where Mandarin is the native language. The Mandarin program also builds students’ understanding of Chinese culture.

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