District 67 Food Services

If you have questions or comments about the lunch program, please contact the onsite Manager from Quest Food Services (located at DPM for all District 67 schools) at 847-604-7476.

A Food Service Advisory Council, consisting of parents and District 67 staff, meets regularly to monitor the food service program. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Anne Simons, Food Service Director, 847-604-7476.

All students staying for lunch must eat in the lunchroom under supervision. Students may bring their lunch from home or purchase their lunch. The lunch program begins on the first full day of school and is in operation each full day school is in session. Menus are posted online.

Elementary students may order one of the daily entree selections from the elementary school menu featured monthly, while Deer Path Middle School can select their meal from either their monthly school menu or the “a la carte” options. The hot lunch entree at the elementary schools and the middle school includes one milk carton, and the Fruit & Veggie Bar featuring seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables, low fat Ranch dip, and canned fruit in juice. The cost of a single hot lunch entree with regular milk is $4.25, and with organic milk, $5.40 (milk purchased separately is $. 50, and organic milk, $1.65). The fruit & veggie cart is available to all as an a la carte purchase, each day. A la carte entrees at the middle school vary in price. (A la carte items and prices are posted online.) Prices, which are subject to change, are dependent upon costs and federal reimbursement, and changes are reported on the district website.

Lake Forest School District 67 and Quest Food Services are pleased to provide our families a convenient, easy and secure online prepayment service to deposit money into your child’s school meal account. This service also provides parents the ability to view your child’s account balance through a website (www.MySchoolBucks.com).

At the elementary schools, students will make their lunch selection in homeroom each morning. At lunch, your child will simply give his or her name to the cashier and the cashier will view the student’s picture online and debit their account. Any student purchasing lunch or milk or the Fruit & Veggie Cart must proceed through the lunch line.

At the middle school, students will swipe their student ID at the lunch line, the cashier will verify the student’s picture and the account will be debited. We are encouraging all middle school students to be responsible with their ID’s, but if one is forgotten or lost, ID numbers and names can be searched on the computerized system to ensure the student has lunch for that day. Replacement ID’s can be issued in the middle school office – the first replacement is free but subsequent ones will cost $5 each.

The district’s “charge” system will be implemented when your student’s account is overdrawn. The elementary students are allowed to charge up to three (3) lunches, while middle school students are allowed only one (1) charge. After this allotment, students will not be allowed to charge any further lunches until monies are paid. After three unpaid charges at the elementary level, and one unpaid charge at the middle school level, a cheese sandwich, vegetable, fruit and milk will be offered to the student. You will still be charged the full price of a meal.

Please note that we do not fry any of our foods and most of our breads, tortillas and pizza crusts are whole grain rich as defined by the USDA for School Lunch. Nut products including nut oils are not used due to allergy concerns. The menu follows the guidelines for portion sizes and amounts of grains, proteins, and fats for each age level as suggested by the National School Lunch Program.

Food Service on 'Snow Days'

If an emergency weather closing occurs, students will follow the menu for the day they missed when they return to school. For example, if am emergency closing occurs on Monday and students return on Tuesday, they will follow the MONDAY menu. The Tuesday menu will be skipped and students will follow the posted menu for the remainder of the week.

Food Allergies/Anaphylaxis

The district has developed procedures for management of food allergies/anaphylaxis. The procedures guide and forms can be accessed from the Health Services page of this website.

A Note About Lunch Balances for 8th Grade Graduates, and Seniors at LFHS

If your LFHS senior or 8th grade graduate has a positive lunch balance after graduation, those funds will FIRST be transferred to a current younger sibling in the same District for use next school year. Senior balances will remain within LFHS and 8th grade balances will remain within D67 Schools; DPM, Cherokee, Everett and Sheridan. No further action is necessary.

If there are no current younger LFHS siblings and your senior student has a positive lunch balance (above $5.00) after graduation, you will receive a refund check via mail.  Checks will be made payable to parents and mailed to home addresses on file.  They will be processed by the end of June.

If there are no current younger siblings at any District 67 schools, balances for 8th grade graduates will be transferred to LFHS.  If your student is not attending LFHS next school year, please email asimons@lfschools.net to request a refund of any lunch balance above $5.00. 

Quest Food Management Services

Anne Simons

Food Service Director

Jeffrey Crittenden

Quest On Site Unit Manager


School Year 2019-2020 School-Based Child Nutrition Program

Household Eligibility Application Materials

Allergies & Food Sensitivities

Quest, our lunchroom food service provider, offers the following services on a personalized basis.

  • Option of Dairy Free Chicken for Chicken Days where the chicken contains dairy*
  • Option of Dairy Free Pizza Crust and cheese-free pizza on pizza day*
  • Gluten Free bread and “hamburger” type buns available*
  • Kitchens are Allergen Aware and do not use or process items with peanuts or tree nuts.

* These items are only available when pre-ordered through the management staff.

Parents should contact Anne Simons, Quest Food Service Manager, via 847.604.7476 or asimons@lfschools.net to discuss these and any other individual student situations.

For information regarding the District Food Allergy/Anaphylaxis Procedures, please visit the Health Services page of this website.