"We do so many things well" was a phrase used on a tour of one of our nation's great universities. That sentiment reminded me of the communities and schools in our area. The natural beauty, the superb public services, and exemplary school choices make living here so attractive.

As a parent and school superintendent, I can say each of these things with conviction. Great schools are the reason parents tell us they move to our communities, and our public schools enjoy strong partnerships with one another and with our private/parochial schools as well. We have the privilege of serving students who come from supportive and educated families. Without any question, our students are our best ambassadors. Current residents will tell you that the level of civic engagement is incredibly high here, and our students exhibit those same values. Amazingly socially skilled, students reflect community expectations in how they engage others and how they give to their community as well.

From a school perspective, perhaps the best news of all is that we have so many school leaders and educators who are devoted to making our districts even better and are deeply committed to student success academically and emotionally. I hope you enjoy our website and find the information available easily accessible and helpful to you on your search.

Superintendent Updates

Superintendent of Schools Michael Simeck


Mr. Michael Simeck

Superintendent of Schools K-12

Julia Polszakiewicz

Executive Assistant