D67 Transportation

Bus Questions or Concerns

Natalia Martinez
Bus Coordinator

Questions About Bus Delays or Emergency Issues:

Early Mornings:
Alejandra Perez

Mid-morning or Afternoon:
Natalia Martinez

Other Bus Issues

All other bus issues should be directed to your school principal.

Need Your Child's Student ID Number?

Your child's Student's ID number is the same number that appears on their ID card.

Permissive Transfers

When a permissive transfer request is approved for Everett and Sheridan, parents assume responsibility for transporting their children to and from school per Board Policy 7:30. (Please visit the Board of Education Page for the link to view this policy.)

Permissive Transfers to Cherokee for the Mandarin program, ONLY - District transportation may be provided to attendees for a fee as the program is only offered at one school.

Bus Routes and Registration

Bus Routes - 2021-2022 School Year

Please note: Routes are subject to change due to the addition of new riders. Please check back often, especially at the beginning of the school year.

If you are ONLY using the afternoon bus service to shuttle your student(s) from Sheridan to Cherokee for Champions AfterSchool Care, grade K-4 ONLY, please click here.

10 Pass

The 10 Pass is available for the occasional bus rider. This package is for students who do not regularly ride the bus, but on occasion need this transportation service. If your student needs to take the bus home or with a friend, please view the bus routes on this page to determine the closest stop.

Please note: Students who are regular bus riders may not switch busses. They must ride their assigned bus to and from school as most of the routes have designated seats and this allows for easier tracing in the event of a COVID-19 case. Only students who have purchased and are using a 10 pass for infrequent transportation may select a bus.

Temporary Transportation Change Form

online payments

No transportation refunds will be issued after September 30th.