D67 Transportation

Natalia Martinez

Bus Coordinator

Questions About Bus Delays or Emergency Issues:

Please Contact:

Early Mornings:

Alejandra Perez

Mid-morning or Afternoon:

Natalia Martinez

Other Bus Issues

All other bus issues should be directed to your school principal.

Need Your Child's Student ID Number?

Your child's Student's ID number is the same number that appears on their ID card.

Bus Routes and Registration


Please note: Routes are subject to change due to the addition of new riders. Please check back often, especially at the beginning of the school year.


2020-2021 School Year

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Transportation News

D67 Transportation Registration 2020-2021

Given the anticipated fluidity of the school year ahead, families will not be charged at the time of registration. Registered riders will be charged at the end of each semester based on the number of days students are assigned to attend school.  

Daily pricing for District 67 riders is as follows:

    Single rider: $3.07
    Two riders: $5.28
    Three + riders: $6.82

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