• We believe that middle school is a time of great change and development for our students. Differentiated coursework and additional resources are often needed during these years of growth. At Deer Path Middle school, our goal is to support students academically and social-emotionally over their four years in middle school. We offer a multitude of programming options for our students. We take pride in a remarkably talented staff who range from classroom teachers to math and reading specialists. We also have an executive functioning coach, social workers, and school psychologists who support the day-to-day of all students.

    At DPM, we strive to provide an environment where all students experience a sense of belonging and self-confidence. As such, we offer a variety of academic and extra-curricular ways for students to find their talents and express themselves during this time of adolescent development. We offer a variety of unique courses to give students a taste of different disciplines, including world languages, creative arts classes, and enriching core classes. Additionally, we have an impressive array of extra-curricular offerings, such as interscholastic sports, intramural sports, clubs, and activities.

    We are grateful for the parent partnerships that support our learning community, including the Association of Parents and Teachers and Spirit of 67. These organizations partner with the district and provide generous financial support for much of the extra programming available to our students. If you are interested in learning more about either organization, we welcome you to view their webpages:

    APT Webpage

    Spirit of 67 Webpage

    This year is going to be exciting! To stay up-to-date on information and offerings at Deer Path, we encourage you to read the Principal Newsletter and utilize the website to explore all that our amazing school has to offer. 

    Just as we are here for your child, we are here for you! If you have additional questions or need support, we encourage you to reach out to either school office. We look forward to developing our partnership in the years to come.

    Welcome to the Deer Path family!