DPM Offices

DPM Quick Facts

Arrival and Dismissal

    • Please note that Hastings Road is a two-lane road with one lane flowing west and one lane flowing east. Cars may not form two lanes on Hastings. Doing so is in violation of the law.
    • DPM drivers may not use the Rec Center as a meeting point. DPM drivers please remain in the westbound pick-up lines and retrieve your students at school.
    • Lastly, for the safety of all, PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY.

    Arrival Map

    Students arriving by car are dropped off in the front of the building and proceed to the 5/6 lobby or 7/8 cafeteria. Busses will drop off in the back and students will proceed to the 5/6 and 7/8 cafeterias. On the first day of school only, advisors will be in the Versacourt (5/6) and west front field (7/8) with signs to meet students and enter together.

    arrival map

    Dismissal Map

    At the end of the school day, students will be dismissed and then disperse to the front or back of the building. Students who are picked up by a parent/guardian, will exit through the back of the building and walk to their respective vehicle. Students who ride the bus will exit through the front of the building and board their respective bus to go home.

    dismissal map