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Prom 2023

  • On behalf of the Junior Class and the LFHS APT Prom Committee, we are pleased to present Prom 2023, Dancing in the Moonlight, on Saturday, May 6 at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare.



    Tickets will be sold online until Monday, April 24 at 3pm for $95 per person. In an effort to make it possible for all junior and senior students to attend Prom, the APT has established an LFHS Student Grant for those in need of financial assistance. Please contact Ms. Ashleigh Malec, amalec@lfschools.net for more information.

    Purchase Your Prom Tickets HERE


    During registration, students can designate with whom they would like to sit by specifying a preferred ‘table captain’ on the online ticket form. If a table captain is not noted, they will have a table arranged for them. Each table seats 10 students. The table captain is in charge of listing the 10 students who are requesting to be seated together. LFHS Junior and Seniors may invite underclassmen. To invite a guest from outside LFHS, please obtain Dean approval by submitting a Prom Guest Authorization form prior to purchasing tickets.

    Transportation & Project Safe Prom Donations

    Use this link to learn more about Project Safe Prom

    All students and chaperones are required to take motor coaches to and from LFHS. Transportation, security, and accessibility for all to attend Prom have been made possible by generous donations to Project Safe Prom. Thank you to those parents who have already donated! 

    The actual cost to host Prom far exceeds the ticket price; we rely on the support of our community to bring this annual tradition to our students. We are collecting donations for Project Safe Prom until April 20 at noon. Donors at the Memory Maker and Dream Team levels will be acknowledged on the Red Carpet. Contributions at any level are needed and greatly appreciated. 

    Please use the QR Code below or use this link to make a donation by credit card. All donations are tax deductible.




    Donation levels include:

    Dream Team: $1500+

    Memory Makers: $1000+

    Light Up the Night: $500+

    First Class: $250+

    Scouts Honor: $50+

    We are looking forward to sharing this special LFHS tradition with you! 


    Kim Moore & Emily Savage

    APT Prom Co-Chairs


    Julie Crouch 

    Junior Class Sponsor 


    Ashleigh Malec

    Director of Student Activities

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