DPM 2023-2024 Bell Schedule

  • We will be utilizing a new bell schedule for the 2023-2024 school year. School begins at 8:35 am each day. Just as we had last year, we will have a one-hour Early Release each Monday, with the school day ending at 2:35 pm, and a consistent Tuesday - Friday release time of 3:35 pm. Please see the schedules below for details. Click here to watch a video explanation on key talking points.
    DPM Schedule

    Early Release Information

    This weekly collaboration time has been in place at the elementary schools and at LFHS for many years, allowing teachers to engage in valuable training and professional development. Sports and extracurriculars will occur as usual on Mondays at 3:45 pm.

    After School Options

    Students who stay on the DPM campus after school on Mondays may take advantage of the following options:

    • Silent Study HallStudents can complete homework in the Cube and Haskins with supervision from Preferred Building Substitutes. Students can sign up each week for this option during homeroom on Mondays.

    • CROYA Activities for 7th/8th Grade: CROYA is offering after school opportunities on Monday for 7th and 8th graders starting at 2:30 pm. Please visit the CROYA website for more information.

    Transportation: Bussing will still ONLY be offered at the end of the school day (Mondays at 2:35 pm, Tuesday-Friday 3:35 pm) following normal routes.

    If a student chooses to utilize the after school care option, parents/guardians are responsible for arranging transportation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

Reporting an Absence

  • Parent/Guardians: Report absences using your PowerSchool parent portal account through your computer, or by using the full website (not the app) on your phone.
    Instructions on how to set up your parent portal account and/or how to submit student attendance can be found HERE.
    If you have questions, please contact our Technology Support Team members:  
    Shauna Buday  sbuday@lfschools.net  
    Julie Patrick     jpatrick@lfschools.net