About District 67 and District 115

  • District 67

    Lake Forest Elementary School District 67 is recognized both statewide and nationally for its innovative instructional practices and educational programs. Its exemplary professional staff strives to meet the changing needs of students in our dynamic world. A progressive K-8 district of approximately 1,600 students, District 67 includes three elementary schools — Cherokee Elementary School (K-4), Everett Elementary School (K-4), and Sheridan Elementary School (Pre-K-4 )— as well as Deer Path Middle School (5-8). Through its mission, District 67 seeks “to inspire and empower all students to maximize their growth as learners and develop a balanced sense of self, steadfast resiliency, and deep respect for others.”

    Inclusive practices are a hallmark of District 67, as the organization strives to embrace all learners as valued members of the school community and provide effective instruction in inclusive, heterogeneous classrooms. District 67 provides rigorous, differentiated, and personalized educational experiences through opportunities such as inquiry and student-driven learning, which empower students through authentic and future ready learning experiences. In addition to academics, District 67 places a strong focus on providing a full continuum of social, emotional, and behavioral supports to all students, with an emphasis on developing a proactive, positive, and safe learning environment.

    District 115

    Lake Forest Community High School District 115 (Lake Forest High School) serves the communities of Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, and Knollwood—northern suburbs of Chicago—and takes pride in developing compassionate, confident and accomplished students. Lake Forest High School faculty and staff are committed to student growth with dedicated adults who respect and value the individual. Students are guided by talented professionals who are passionate about their work of providing academic excellence for all learners and more than 95% of our students go on to higher-level education. The school’s mission is “to inspire the passion to learn, the insight to know oneself, and the courage to make a difference.”

    A student body of approximately 1,500 are engaged in an innovative and inclusive learning environment. Students are encouraged to take risks and explore new learning experiences  knowing that they will be supported throughout their educational journey. In addition to comprehensive academic choices, Lake Forest High School students grow through participation in extracurricular activities, a thriving career connections program, and community service programs that help build character, and strengthen collaboration and communication skills. Lake Forest High School offers a well-rounded school experience while being mindful of each student’s social emotional growth allowing students to be their best self as they move forward with the tools for life-long success. Feeder schools for Lake Forest High School include Deer Path Middle School (5-8) and Lake Bluff Middle School (6-8) as well as several private and parochial schools in the area.

    Shared Services

    The Boards of Education of District 67 and District 115 in July of 2004 entered into a Shared Service Agreement. The benefits to our school community include more collaborative coordination of the educational and operational programs K-12. This agreement also provides a more efficient use of taxpayer dollars by reducing administrative costs for both Districts. The shared offices for District 67 and District 115 are located in the Administration Center at Lake Forest High School West Campus, 300 S. Waukegan Road in Lake Forest.

    The Shared Service Agreement includes the following departments and personnel are responsible for the operation and management of both District 115 and District 67: Office of the Superintendent, Business Office (Finance, Operations, Facilities, Food Service, and Transportation), Communications, Human Resources, Technology Services, Safety and Security, and Special Education Compliance, and Grant Management. 

    The offices for the District 67 Teaching and Learning and Student Services (Health Services and Special Education) are located in the CUBE at Deer Path Middle School. For Lake Forest High School, the Academic and Educational Services Departments (Health Services and Special Education) operate out of offices at Lake Forest High School.