An Overview of District 67

  • Lake Forest Elementary School District 67 is recognized both statewide and nationally for its innovative instructional practices and educational programs. Its exemplary professional staff strives to meet the changing needs of students in our dynamic world. A progressive K-8 district of approximately 1,600 students, District 67 includes three elementary schools — Cherokee Elementary School (K-4)(K-4), Everett Elementary School (K-4), and Sheridan Elementary School (PreK-4) — as well as Deer Path Middle School (5-8). Through its mission, District 67 seeks “to inspire and empower all students to maximize their growth as learners and develop a balanced sense of self, steadfast resiliency, and deep respect for others.”

    Rollercoaster Science

    Inclusive practices are a hallmark of District 67, as the organization strives to embrace all learners as valued members of the school community and provide effective instruction in inclusive, heterogeneous classrooms. District 67 provides rigorous, differentiated, and personalized educational experiences through opportunities such as inquiry and student-driven learning, which empower students through authentic and future ready learning experiences. In addition to academics, District 67 places a strong focus on providing a full continuum of social, emotional, and behavioral supports to all students, with an emphasis on developing a proactive, positive, and safe learning environment.


    To inspire and empower all students to maximize their growth as learners and develop a balanced sense of self, steadfast resiliency, and deep respect for others.

    Our Vision

    An innovative learning community that educates without boundaries – where all students cultivate their minds, create enduring connections and discover their passions

    Core Values

    We believe:

    • Every child has an incredible capacity to learn and the job of educators is to create an environment that maximizes each student's growth - including the willingness to take risks and learn from mistakes.

    • Students thrive when they are actively engaged in solving problems that matter and when we support them socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

    • World-class learning is driven by world-class educators and, therefore, we must attract, develop, retain and invest in passionate and effective teaching professionals.

    • Respect is the cornerstone of all of our work. We demonstrate this as members of a learning community and operate with high integrity at all times.

    Milestones/Area of Progress


    District 67 is nationally recognized for achieving significant academic, social and emotional growth for every student.


    Instruction is highly differentiated and inquiry-based, driven by students' needs, interests and passions.


    Multi-dimensional assessments are used to identify and measure holistic growth for every student.


    The District attracts and retains the highest-quality talent who are exemplars in the field of learning; investing in continuous development which is timely, meaningful and job-embedded.


    Effective, transparent and proactive communication fosters a high trust partnership among the Board, faculty, staff, parents and community.


    Reimagined learning spaces, places, time, tools and technology are used inside.