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LFHS APT Treats Teachers, Salutes Seniors, And Does Much More

LFHS APT  Salutes Seniors

The LFHS APT had a packed schedule in May, starting with Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week May 3-7 (which featured a breakfast treat to start the celebration) and stretching to Prom and Honors Night toward the end of the month. In between were many other activities including delivery of graduation signs to seniors — with help from a big group of parent volunteers, said APT President Beth Pierson.

Junior Class Representatives Anne Stewart and Kim Galvin led the effort to deliver the nearly 360 lawn signs for the seniors.

Principal Dr. Chala Holland and Student Activities Director Ashleigh Malec “were instrumental in this process from beginning to end,” Stewart and Galvin said of the effort to create signs, featuring student names and photos, that were placed at each graduating senior’s home on May 13.

The junior reps, with help from Karen Uihlein, the APT volunteer coordinator, assembled a team of 36 volunteers to pick up signs at LFHS for distribution that day, with volunteers delivering about 10 signs each, all by 5:30 p.m.

Other recent LFHS APT activities, Pierson said, include:

  • The  Grants Committee has been busy accepting grant requests for students in need of some extra financial support.
  • The Senior Contribution Committee evaluated Senior Contribution Award scholarship applications, with winners announced at Honors Night.
  • Freshmen, Sophomore, and Senior parent representatives have been working with the school on coordinating grade-level social opportunities for students.
  • The Outreach team has been working to support the District’s food insecurity effort, Project F_LL, with grocery shopping and delivery.
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