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May Music Festival Provides ‘Much-Needed Joy’

May Concert in the Park

Live concerts returned to LFHS after a very long pandemic pause, with the May Music Festival featuring the band, choir, and orchestra in a “Ravinia-style” event on the school lawn.

“Ravinia-style, socially distanced, and masked families and friends were invited to watch and listen to live music,” said Megan Stockton, Event Coordinator for Applause, which is the high school’s music booster organization and sponsored the May 29 festival. “The three separate concerts brought over 500 people together on a sunny, spring day.”

May Music Concert

In addition to entertainment, concertgoers could dine on their own snacks or pizza from Donati’s. Applause treated everyone to Suzy’s Swirl push-pops.

“We received many messages from grateful families,” who, Stockton added, “were thrilled to see their students perform in-person, with their classmates, surrounded by family and friends. It provided some much-needed joy and closure during a difficult year for the students and faculty.”

Stockton gave a nod of appreciation to LFHS Music Department members Darren Barndt, Robert Bassill, Janene Kessler, Natasha Mah, Andy McBeath, and Riley Worthen, who wrote a letter to seniors that was included in the event program.

The letter which, she added, “sums up so many feelings,” said “it’s easy to dwell on the traditions and milestones we have missed, but it’s really quite remarkable what we’ve been able to achieve!”

“We are grateful,” the letter said, “to have been with you on this journey and we are proud of the way you have lifted each other up and provided leadership and support to all of us in our musical family. Thank you for your trust in us and for all you have given to the music program. You helped us get through the hard stuff.”
“Today,” it continued, “we take a moment to restore a little balance to our lives; to celebrate all we’ve come through and a more hopeful future.”