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Prom 2021: ‘Something Special'

Prom Red Carpet

Lindsey Asmussen and Mac Uihlein have their red carpet moment.

Prom — featuring such treasured LFHS traditions as walks down the red carpet and new twists including alfresco dining under tents on the school lawn — went off in style May 22.

With the theme You Hold the Key, the event was reimagined to keep kids safe during the pandemic while making the experience fun and memorable for all. Prom attendees arrived in six staggered groups to ensure required distancing. They socialized over dinner, danced in the gym, snapped selfies, and toasted s’mores over Sterno pots.

Members of the 2021 Prom Court were: Watson Allan, Christina Carris, Graham Conley, Emerson Donahue, Gabe Guidarini, Sophie Huddlestun, Colin Martens, Jane Riley, Jahari Scott, Adam Tjarksen, Ben Winebrenner, and Nick Winebrenner.

“Prom would not have happened if we didn't have the full support of all staff at the high school,” said Student Activities Director Ashleigh Malec. “The sheer amount of work that went into setting up all of the different spaces for the student groups was monumental. It also could never have happened the way that it did without the hard work and planning of our APT Prom Committee and the generosity of all of the Project Safe Prom donors, who allowed us to keep costs down for the students while still being able to host a beautiful event.”

“All year long,” she added, “we were determined to do something special for the students and we are really excited to see that it turned out exactly as we had hoped.”

Prom 2021
Prom 2021
Prom 2021
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