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A New President Leads the Way for a Busy Spirit of 67

 Spirit of 67 Foundation Board President Nicole Korczak

Spirit of 67 Foundation Board President Nicole Korczak

Coming off the success of its fall Home Tour - Outdoor Spaces, the Spirit of 67 Foundation is not slowing down, with two events planned, the 2022 Grants process underway, and early successes in the Crosstown Challenge. Leading the Spirit of 67 is new Foundation Board President Nicole Korczak.

Leading the Spirit of 67 is new Foundation Board President Nicole Korczak, who stepped into the job in October after Kimberly Carris completed her term.

Mrs. Korczak — who formerly worked in finance and is a longtime Lake Forest resident — and husband James, have three daughters, Anna, who attended Lake Forest High School as a freshman and is now at Phillips Academy Andover; Ella, a Deer Path Middle School seventh-grader; and Mia, a fifth-grader at DPM. She first became active with the Spirit of 67 about eight years ago, serving in various roles, including vice president of grants. After six years, as executive board bylaws require, she left the organization, but said she always thought she’d return, though returning as president was a bit of a surprise.

She’s back as two schools — Cherokee and Everett — are already at 80 percent of their Crosstown Challenge fundraising goals and with excitement building over the 2022 Grants cycle, with applications due Jan. 27. The Spirit of 67 also has two events on the calendar including a Mom’s Night Out planned for April and February’s The Spirit is Sweet on Our Students.

The Sweet on Our Students event pairs an online auction, which launches Feb. 14, with school open houses. After noting that the most successful auction items at any of its fundraisers were experiences with teachers (like having a books-and-bagels session with a teacher before the school day begins), the Spirit of 67 built an entire event around that. All the items in February’s auction will be experiences. The open houses, meanwhile, will allow parents to drop in to socialize and see some of the enhancements made possible at each school thanks to Spirit of 67 grants.

“I think that the whole concept of explaining some of the amazing things that are in the classrooms because of the Spirit grants is really important,” Mrs. Korczak said.

Since its founding, the Spirit has contributed more than $5.5 million in grants that enrich educational experiences, such as technology for the Future-Ready Science Labs at DPM.

“The District is always going to make sure we have the ‘need to have,’ like the best curriculum or the best teachers,” Mrs. Korczak added. “But the Spirit gets to come in and be those little ‘bells and whistles.’ We get to accelerate things and enrich things and enhance things that have already been put in place. It's a fun thing to be part of.”

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