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Checking in with Everett’s Renée Fitzsimmons

Everett Thankful Turkey

A Thankful Turkey was one of the symbols of gratitude during the month of November at Everett.

Principal Renée Fitzsimmons shares all the ways Everett displays gratitude and kindness.

Were there any special events at Everett to mark National Gratitude Month?

Everett Kindness Rock

We were so excited to celebrate National Gratitude Month at Everett with our Kindness Rocks initiative and our Kindness and Thankful Walls. Students in a third-grade classroom wanted to celebrate kindness and gratitude with the help and inspiration from the Sutherland family, who were sponsors of our Gratitude Project. Students painted rocks with words of gratitude, kindness, and affirmation and hid them around the school grounds for students to find and deliver to other students. It has been a beautiful symbol of gratitude around Everett this year. We also had a Kindness Wall and a Thankful Turkey that held Post-it notes of gratitude and kindness for all members of our Everett family. The notes were overflowing with positive sentiments.

As the first half of the school year heads toward a close, are there any standout events or actions you want to highlight?

I have to say that while this year has had its challenges, I am incredibly proud of the Everett community and students for their resilience, grace, and exponential acts of kindness. We have been highlighting our social and emotional learning language all year on our digital morning announcements and in classrooms. Our language centers on the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) competencies regarding self, others, achieving our potential, and responsible decision-making, or S.O.A.R. Students have really exemplified the “O” for others. We give shoutouts daily on the morning announcements for all the random acts of kindness or the ways that students take care of others. These acts have been gaining in popularity and spreading like wildfire. We are proud of the impact this is having on our community of learners.

What are you most looking forward to in 2022?

I am truly looking forward to the continued path we are forging together toward “normalcy.” Each and every day brings us closer to being able to have things go back to the way they used to be in school. I feel we have done a nice job of implementing meaningful change from the silver linings of the pandemic, while working to restore the critical foundational components missing from our school day over the last year-and-a-half. I am also truly looking forward to a time in the hopefully near future that I will be able to see all of the beautiful smiles of our Everett Eagles and staff without masks.

Principal Renee Firtzsimmons

Principal Renée Fitzsimmons