District 67 Screening of LIKE - CHANGE OF LOCATION

LIKE - a documentary about the impact of social media

Community Screening on November 14, 2019, 7:00-8:30pm

Please note: The event has been relocated to the DPM Haskins Center

To spark discussion and generate awareness of the impact social media has on our lives, Lake Forest School District 67 is hosting 3 screenings of the compelling documentary LIKE. More than 2 billion people have smartphones today. On average, we check our phones an incredible 150 times every day. Technology makes our lives easier in so many ways - but what is the cost of our dependence, and our children's reliance, on screens? LIKE reveals the true effects of technology on the brain and uncovers the impact social media can have on our lives. The film's mission is to educate, inform and inspire people to effectively self-regulate their screen time. The student screenings of LIKE will be followed by a brief Q & A session led by social workers. The evening screening will be followed by an informative panel discussion featuring local experts.

Thursday, November 14:

  • 9:05-10:05 am - Student Screening in Braves Gym (parents are welcome)
  • 12:40-1:40 pm - Student Screening in Braves Gym (parents are welcome)
  • 7:00-8:30 pm - Community Screening in DPM Haskins Center, followed by discussion with expert panel (all are welcome)

Parents, educators, and community members interested in attending are asked to please RSVP here!

The event is free of cost and open to the public. The goal of the screening is to raise awareness about the hidden costs of social media as well as start a conversation about how to ensure our own, and our children's, healthy use of technology. Among the experts and special guests are:

  • Matt Dewar, Ed.D., Well-Being Coordinator, Lake Forest High School
  • Emilie Correa, Ed. D., Social Emotional Learning TLF, D67
  • John Maher, Assistant Director of Educational Services D115
  • Officer Ben Grum, School Resource Officer LFHS, Lake Forest Police Department

ABOUT LIKE: A documentary exploring the impact of social media on our lives, LIKE's mission is to inspire, inform and help equip all of us to effectively self-regulate screen time. Social media is a tool and social platforms are a place to connect, share and care... but is that what's really happening? The film features interviews with experts including Max Stossel, Head of Education & Content at Center for Humane Technology; Leah Pearlman, Co-Creator of the Facebook "Like" button; Dr. Jerry Bubrick, Senior Psychologist at Child Mind Institute; Professor Jevin West, DataLab, iSchool, University of Washington; John Borthwick, CEO, Betaworks; and Professor Katie Davis, author of The App Generation. To learn more please visit: http://thelikemovie.com/

ABOUT INDIEFLIX: IndieFlix Group Inc is a global screening and streaming service that promotes and supports social impact films to create positive change in the world. IndieFlix screening service books offline community screenings in schools and corporations around the world while IndieFlix online streaming offers a monthly subscription based service to access thousands of high-quality shorts, features, documentaries, and series from around the world. https://www.indieflix.com/

This event is brought to you by the Social Emotional Learning Committee in District 67 and is free of charge. For questions about the screening, please contact Emilie Correa, Ed. D., ecorrea@lfschools.net, (847) 295-5187.